A$AP Rocky claims the man he is convicted of assaulting is an Afghan immigrant who was “high on meth” the altercation that led to his arrest began.

 The team of attorneys prosecuting Rocky disclosed images Thursday revealing the extent of the Mustafa Jarari’s alleged injuries. The papers also contain messages that show Rocky’s manager had proof that would exonerate the star from assault charges.

According to Jafari, Rocky hit him on the head with glass bottles that shattered, leaving him “gone” [unconscious] in 2016. He then showed officers wounds on his head and legs, claiming Rocky broke his nose.

Images reveal Jafari suffered a gaping wound on his elbow. He claims he was in an alley behind an Adidas store when Rocky and his entourage beat him up.

However, the WhatsAPP messages of Rocky’s manager John Ehman, were obtained by law enforcement officials after being extracted from cellphones. The text exchanges reportedly show Jafari initiated the altercation.

“Rocky has excellent footage of our teams asking for no problems and to go away. We think it will overturn the conversation,” Ehmann wrote in one of the texts.

Jafari, Ehmans wrote, was under the influence of drugs when the confrontation transpired.

“The guy was on meth and was assaulting girls and harassing Rocky and crew,” the text states. “Big Tim gave him several warnings. We have footage of the whole incident showing that. Just want to give you the heads up in case the cops show up tomorrow night.”

Footage of the altercation would “show our innocence in case I need to prove it,” he said in another text.

A source who witnessed the altercation told TMZ  Jafari, who kept following AR and threatened to call the cops over headphones he claims were stolen, instigated the fight.

When Rocky warned Jafari, “stop following us, or else,” TMZ reports, a women then interrupted the exchange, and accused Jarari and his friend of another woman men of sexually harassing and assaulting her earlier, prompting A$AP and his crew to throw down.

President Donald Trump and rapper Kanye West are advocating for the Swedish government to clear Rocky of the charges, but he was charged with assault on Thursday and faces a six-year prison sentence in Sweden. Prosecutors argue in a 552-page case file that they have enough evidence to charge the rapper.

Trump on Thursday ripped Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven for refusing to intervene with Rock’s case. The president claims footage he’s seen of A$AP’s street bawl only proves the rapper attempted to resolve the dispute peacefully before he pummeled his attacker.