In the early morning hours on Wednesday, the nation gathered with anticipation as lawmakers on both sides of the political aisle appeared in Congress for the Mueller hearings.

For the last two years, the Democrats have been spreading a wild conspiracy that President Donald Trump colluded with Russia during the 2016 presidential election to interfere with American democracy.

Despite Former Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report, which has stated that President Trump did not collude with Russia, the Democrats have been hell-bent on convincing the American populace that President Trump should be impeached and prosecuted for a crime he never committed.

Mueller has been peppered with questions all morning long by both Republicans and Democrats to which she is having an incredibly difficult time answering. Not only is Bob Mueller dodging questions and halting his responses, but it appears as though he may be suffering from advancing dementia.

Sources have told LauraLoomer.US that Bob Mueller has been experiencing health issues over the last few months, and that some of his colleagues have been questioning his competence. Another source told us that Mueller may be announcing his health issues within the next few months as his health and memory are declining, but he has felt increasing pressure to not say anything about his health due to the media spectacle that has resulted from his investigation and the contentious Mueller report.

Not only was Bob Mueller stuttering, but during the entire hearing he had a blank stare on his face and was seen looking into space multiple times as if he was having a difficult time comprehending questions from lawmakers.

Nearly every single time Mueller was asked a question by a Republican, he paused with confusion and had to ask for the question to be repeated and clarified.

In one very bizarre part of the hearing, Rep. Louie Gohmert asked Mueller:

“Who wrote your comments at the last DOJ presser?”

Mueller replied, saying, “I’m not going to comment on that.”

Gohmert replied by saying, “I got it, you didn’t write them.”

Mueller looked confused and didn’t challenge Gohmert’s claims that Mueller didn’t even write his own statements that he delivered at a press conference regarding his report. Mueller’s response is concerning given that his report has consumed the focus and energy of the country and the mainstream media for the last two years.

His response to Gohmert begs the question: Did Bob Mueller even write the Mueller report?

Donald Trump Jr. took to twitter to highlight this observation, indicating that it may be a bias against conservatives.

“Funny Mueller can’t understand the Republicans but he can totally understand the Democrats questions. This is a disaster for the dems,” he tweeted.

And while many on the Right were quick to agree with Don Jr’s. assessment, could it actually be that Mueller is asking for questions to be repeated because he is not mentally fit to be testifying due to dementia, which he has not disclosed to the committee room?

If Bob Mueller truly does have dementia, then his testimony is not valid.

One of the most striking giveaways that Mueller may be suffering from dementia was when he was questioned by Rep. Steve Chabot about Fusion GPS, and he replied that he did not know what it was. However, anybody who has been following the Russia conspiracy fiasco and the Mueller investigation over the last two years knows that Fusion GPS is a key part to the investigation.

In the afternoon when being questioned by Mr. Stanton, Bob Mueller was asked which president appointed him to his first position. Mueller replied by saying it was President Bush, but he was corrected by Mr. Stanton who said that it was President Ronald Reagan. These are facts that are important to one’s career, and are facts that Mueller, if he was in a clear state of mind, would most likely remember, especially after being appointed by a US president. The fact that Mueller can’t even remember basic details of his career, particularly very important details regarding his career in law-enforcement and the prestige associated with being appointed by a US President, is another clue that he may have dementia.

When Ms. Dean began speaking and asking questions, Mueller had to look around the room because he didn’t know who was speaking when she was looking straight at him.

Mueller not only displayed signs that he couldn’t understand basic questions, but it appears as though Mueller also had a hard time hearing.

According to Alz.org, the leading site for Alzheimer’s and Dementia,

While symptoms of dementia can vary greatly, at least two of the following core mental functions must be significantly impaired to be considered dementia:

  • Memory
  • Communication and language
  • Ability to focus and pay attention
  • Reasoning and judgment
  • Visual perception

Here at LauraLoomer.US, we will always report the truth completely unfiltered no matter who it offends. However it appears as though the mainstream media wants to be politically correct today and is dancing around the obvious lack of mental fortitude that Mueller himself has expressed throughout the entire hearing.

If Mueller in fact does have early onset dementia, it is going to pose a serious issue once it is admitted publicly. The Democrats are going to claim that Bob Mueller wasn’t able to adequately remember or convey his report and investigation due to dementia, and they could potentially demand a do over. If Mueller is suffering from dementia, he must immediately make an announcement and resign from his position because his fumbled statements could have serious implications for our country, as his reports and the Mueller hearing have been a source of great divide between the Republican and Democrat party.

Despite these obvious signs, the mainstream media has not uttered a single word during the hearing regarding the obvious fact that Mueller is unwell.

It is almost as if we have seen this movie before… or maybe just like all of my other previous reports, I have a tendency of being prophetic.

Could it be that the Democrats are going to use Robert Mueller’s health as  an excuse six or so months from now as the 2020 presidential election get closer?

If I was a prophet, this is what my prophecy would be: 

Robert Mueller is going to come out and say he has dementia or some type of neurological disorder very soon. Then, the Democrats are going to say that there needs to be a “do over” of the Mueller investigation and the Mueller Report which they justify through Mueller’s performance at the hearing and his likely case of dementia or early Alzheimers.

Call me crazy, but this just seems like a perfect excuse to delay future indictments of Democrat Party co-conspirators in this witch hunt against President Trump and his administration which has been the focus of the Democrat Party since President Trump was elected. The Russia conspiracy theory that has been pushed by the Democrats is their only lifeline ahead of the 2020 race, which is why they have worked so hard to dupe the American people into thinking that Bob Mueller had impeachable evidence on President Trump.

As we all know from Bob Mueller’s report, which he doesn’t seem to have read himself based on his behavior at the hearing on Wednesday, there was NO EVIDENCE OF RUSSIAN COLLUSION.

However, the wonderful thing about America is that the people will always override the media, and the people have been quick to chime in on social media about their observations, which indicate that Mueller has dementia. Here are some of the comments made by people on social media during the Mueller hearing.




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