President Donald Trump pledged on Sunday to intervene with Twitter’s censoring Angel Mom Mary Ann Mendoza.

Mendoza, who heads the Angel Families organization, was suspended from Twitter earlier this week and was warned by the social media giant to delete her tweets raising awareness about the harms of sanctuary cities to be allowed back on the platform.

The president warned Twitter to “do what you have to do” to assure Mendoza, whose son was killed by a drunk illegal alien, will “never be silenced.”

“I will help Angel Mom (and great woman) Mary Ann Mendoza with Twitter. I know Mary Ann from the beginning, and she should never be silenced. She is a winner who has lost so much, her child. Twitter, if you’re watching, please do what you have to do, NOW! @foxandfriends

Mendoza’s 32-year-old son, police officer Brandon Mendoza, was killed in May 2014 by a drunk illegal alien who was driving the wrong way down a highway in Mesa, Arizona.

After calling out 2020 Democrat presidential primary candidate Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) for her support for illegal aliens and sanctuary city policies, as well as raising awareness about illegal immigration’s impact on Americans in several tweets, Mendoza was suspended from her Twitter account.

 The monopolist tech giant warned her she would only be able to sign back if she deletes the series of posts about crimes perpetrated by illegal aliens on American citizens.

In an interview with  Fox and Friends Sunday, Mendoza revealed she was also banned from Facebook for sharing the posts that lead to her getting suspended from Twitter.

“[Twitter] said it was hateful content that I had put on Twitter and they told me I had to remove all six tweets that they had sent me. I’m refusing to do it. I’ve repealed it twice now. This is the same type of verbiage and language that I’ve been using for five years,” she said. “I’m finding it a little strange – I ended up posting those same tweets on Facebook, letting everyone know that I had been suspended on Twitter and then Facebook put me on jail for the same tweets.”

“There is no way to talk to anyone at Twitter. Its kind of cowardly that they do this to conservatives who are standing up, pointing out the accountability that our Congress lacks,” she continued. “I do use the term ‘#BloodOnYourHands,’ I do send that to some of the senators and congressman and women because they do. The lack of doing anything – accountability on our borders is actually creating more Americans getting killed by illegal aliens. They do have blood on their hands every time an American is getting killed because they are not doing anything about it.

After leading the Angel Families organization for years, Mendoza noted the timing of the tech giants attempt to silence her is conspicuous.

“My voice is my son’s voice. My son has been silenced. Now Twitter and Facebook have taken it upon themselves to silence me too,” she said. “The timing was a little weird for me too, because I had just been putting out on Twitter that I had been named on the advisory board for Women for Trump two days earlier.

“All of a sudden Twitter and Facebook have come after me, when for years I’ve been talking like this and bringing awareness to these issues,” she added.  

While Twitter and Facebook are brazenly censoring conservatives and Trump supporters like Mendoza, leftist social media users are rampantly using the platform to make death threats, Mendoza said.  

“I have had people tweet to me, ‘your son deserved to die,’ ‘I hope you die the same way your son did at the hands of a drunk illegal alien,’ I’ve reported them to Twitter and Twitter has done nothing about that. That’s hate.”