Harry Reis, a former special assistant to the Jonathan Greenblat, the CEO of the Anti-Defamation League, took to Twitter Saturday afternoon to slam Yair Netanyahu as a member of the “alt-right” for simply speaking out against internet censorship and supporting Laura Loomer’s efforts to #StopTheBias.

It’s curious that Reis is slamming Loomer and Netanyahu, considering the fact that he has never decried his former employer’s support and association with Barack Obama. The former President was and is remains a close ally of Louis Farrakhan, a rabid Jew hating anti-Semite.


Reis, a progressive activist who now works for the New Israel Fund, regularly supports Antifa talking points about ICE detention centers and President Trump’s immigration policies on his Twitter account. Mr. Reis’ Twitter timeline is littered with content containing the same exact language used by the 69-year old Antifa member who firebombed an ICE facility in Tacoma, Washington last week.

Not surprisingly, his support of the domestic terrorist group and their sympathizers has not earned him a Twitter ban or suspension.

Laura Loomer, the publisher of this website, released a video response to Reis’s attack on Yair Netanyahu, highlighting his connection to far-left progressives who are known anti-Semites.

Loomer and other prominent Jewish conservatives are regular targets of the actual Alt-Right, which is composed of an extremely small collection neo-nazis and white supremacists. The mainstream media, in concert with organizations like the ADL and SPLC, regularly label anyone to the right of Karl Marx as “alt-right” in an attempt to de-legitimize their voices.

As a gay man who has been targeted by these tactics, I can tell you that it is not only ridiculous, but it puts my safety at risk from domestic terrorist groups like Antifa who buy the bullcrap. Laura Loomer is unable to travel outside of her home without security because of being labeled “alt-right” by anti-Semitic progressives in the mainstream media.

Mr. Reis’s behavior is reprehensible. However, it is not surprising.

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Jacob Engels