Former White House strategist Steve Bannon, who was pushed out of the Trump administration and later described by President Trump as having “lost his mind”, held court with pedophile billionaire Jeffrey Epstein in the summer of 2018 after being let go by the Trump administration.

Bannon, who has called President Trump “unpatriotic” and “treasonous” since losing his place in the Oval Office, was reportedly trying to help Esptein rebuild his image.

According to the New York Post, Bannon slithered in to Epstein’s 20,000+sqft Manhattan mansion in mid-August of 2018 in the early morning hours.

Sources speculate that the disgraced ­Epstein wants to use his millions to work his way close to political power again.

One told us, “Bannon needs money to bankroll his political agenda. Epstein has plenty of money, and craves power and access.

The location of Bannon’s meeting with Esptein is of course where the billionaire pedophile assaulted numerous teenage girls, using them as sex slaves according to federal prosecutors and dozens of media reports. Mr. Bannon declined to comment about his business dealings with the billionaire.

President Trump distanced himself from Epstein almost two decades ago, after having extremely limited contact with the billionaire at social events attended by hundreds of other high-powered Manhattan or South Florida power-brokers. Trump then banned Epstein from his Mar-a-Lago club for life, when he made a pass at an underage girl, ending in a sexual assault according to court documents.

By contrast, Former President Bill Clinton rode on the billionaire pedophile’s private jet, labeled the “Lolita Express”, over 26 times according to FAA logs. Epstein and Clinton would use the private jet to visit Little St. James, a secluded island owned by Epstein coined “Pedophile Island.”

Esptein and several of his guests reportedly abused and assaulted dozens of young women on the island, which features a temple and tunnel system.

Jacob Engels