Because the mainstream media has finally caught on to the fact that Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) married her brother in an alleged immigration fraud and student loan fraud scheme, they’ll likely follow up by reporting that her brother is a homosexual in order to prove that the marriage was arranged, solely for the purpose of skirting immigration laws and getting student loans at North Dakota State University.

As a reminder, LauraLoomer.Us reported that story five months ago, and all of the other Johnny come lately stories about Omar over a year ago.

The investigation into Ilhan Omar, who is now the first Muslim Congresswoman, is getting more salacious and scandalous by the hour.

Ilhan Omar’s graduation photo from North Dakota State University

During her campaign, Omar was accused of marrying her brother for the purposes of committing immigration fraud when it was revealed that she was legally married to two people at the same time, and new documents from North Dakota State University (NDSU) and archives social media posts from her brother that show he is an open homosexual man strongly suggest Omar committed student loan fraud through her fraudulent marriage with Elmi (believed to be her biological brother).

On a marriage certificate dated February 12, 2009, it says that Ilhan Abdullaahi Omar married a man by the name of Ahmed Nur Said Elmi in Hennepin County, Minnesota, who she herself identified as a British citizen.

On another application dated September 30, 2002, Omar applied for a marriage license in Minnesota to marry the father of her children, Ahmed “Hirsi”, otherwise known as Ahmed Aden.

As both marriage license applications filled out by Omar reveals, both her legal husband and her “cultural husband” have the same first name, Ahmed.

Ilhan Omar’s Marriage License Application With Ahmed Nur Said Elmi In 2009

Ilhan Omar’s Marriage License Application With Ahmed Aden In 2002

At the time of her marriage to Elmi, Omar was said to be attending North Dakota State University with Elmi.

According to Christopher Wilson, Chief of Staff at the Office of the President at NDSU, Elmi attended NDSU as a student of art from the fall of 2010- Spring of 2012. In an email, Wilson said that Omar graduated in 2011, which would mean that Elmi stayed in North Dakota for a full year after Omar, who was then his legal on paper wife, graduated.

In previous statements, Omar has said, “Insinuations that Ahmed Nur Said Elmi is my brother are absurd and offensive.”

Omar said she and Elmi divorced in their “faith tradition” in 2011 and he moved back to England immediately after. In 2016, she said she was in the process of getting legally divorced from Elmi. In the statement, Omar confirmed she is currently married, in her “faith tradition”, to Hirsi (her cultural husband) and the couple is raising their family, which includes three children, together.

Instagram pictures from Elmi’s social media accounts show that he frequents homosexual and transgender events in London.

Elmi’s Instagram also has multiple transgender and homosexual references, indicating that he is not a straight man, and thus, any marriage to a woman, especially Ilhan Omar, would be entirely fraudulent as it is clear he is homosexual.

In one picture, Ahmed Elmi tagged himself with a group of homosexual men dressed in drag inside Heaven nightclub in London. Heaven is a famous gay club in London.

Why would a straight Muslim man who is married to a woman be partying inside a gay nightclub with other gay men?

In this 2016 statement which Omar provided to Fox9 in Minnesota, she said she divorced Elmi in 2011 and that he moved back to England. However, as email correspondence from NDSU proves, Omar’s statement is a lie, because Elmi was a student at NDSU from 2010-2012.

This begs the question, was Omar’s marriage with Elmi an act of immigration and student loan fraud intended to aid Elmi and Omar in the process of getting student loans or a student visa for Elmi? If he’s homosexual, why did she “marry him”, and was he a homosexual before or only after he and Omar “divorced”?

The fact that Elmi is a homosexual explains why Omar’s children are not with her brother, Elmi, but with her other husband, Ahmed Hirsi.

Why would Omar say that she divorced Elmi in 2011 and that the moved back to England if they were still documented as being married in 2012 while he was still in the United States attending an American university?

Why would Omar marry a homosexual man? Elmi is a homosexual, so why would Omar marry someone who couldn’t and wouldn’t have sex with her?

Marriage fraud is the answer. Immigration fraud is the answer. Student loan fraud is the answer.

This site also reported:

After attending a recent Gay Pride parade, Congresswoman Ilhan Omar tweeted a ‘joke’ about implementing sharia law in America.

Under sharia law, homosexual people are killed in many countries, including Omar’s birth country of Somalia.

As previously reported by Laura Loomer, Ilhan Omar’s associate Linda Sarsour praised Imam Siraj Wahhaj, who has called for the killing of homosexuals. Wahhaj is also the father of one of the two men arrested on August 8 in New Mexico for kidnapping 11 children they were training to become “school shooters”.

Omar’s posing with members of the gay community at a recent gay pride parade failed to convince many of her true intentions.

Omar at a gay pride parade posing with children, faces blurred

Ex-Muslim filmmaker Hazem Farraj asked Omar, “So when are you gonna tell them about what you really believe about gays? Your PR network is stellar.”

As first reported by investigative journalist Laura Loomer, Ilhan Omar’s brother, Ahmed Elmi, is a homosexual.

Loomer was banned from Twitter in November for telling the truth about Omar, after she called Omar “anti-Jewish.” Omar was involved in several more anti-Semitic scandals thereafter.

Last year when Omar was still a candidate, Loomer confronted both Omar and Tlaib on video , asking Omar why she married her brother, why she used campaign funds to pay for her divorce from her brother, why she hates Jews, why she hates Israel, why she works with CAIR, a designated Islamic terrorist organization, and why she hates America.

It’s all true! And now over a year later, the mainstream media is finally catching up.

It appears that once again, Loomer’s reporting will be vindicated.