Ahead of a speaking tour in Minnesota later this week, Laura Loomer has launched some new merch aimed at raising awareness about Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN), and the fact that she married her brother in an immigration fraud scheme.

“Incest Omar,” the shirt says on the front. “She married her brother.”

On the back, it says “No Sharia in the U.S.A. LauraLoomer.US.”

You can purchase the merch here.

Despite the fact that the mainstream press, namely Tiana Lowe at neoconservative rag Washington Examiner, took credit for reporting that Omar married her brother in an apparent immigration fraud scheme, Loomer was on the story more than a year ago.

This site reported:

During last year’s mid-term elections, journalist Laura Loomer was ahead of the curve to say the least when it came to Ilhan Omar. She famously crashed several events with Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib, highlighting their ties to dangerous Islamic terrorist organizations and known anti-Semites.

Aside from Omar’s documented associations with some of the most virulently anti-American jihadi groups within the United States, including CAIR and Islamic Relief, issues surrounding Omar’s immigration status and marriage history played a key role in Loomer’s dogged coverage of the Somali immigrants bid for Congress.

Loomer was the first to report on a national scale that Omar had illegally used campaign funds to contract legal services for a divorce from her brother (immigration fraud), while Omar still gave conflicting tax statements to the IRS for over half a decade. Loomer was lambasted as “anti-Muslim” and “Islamophobic” for reporting on these findings, ridiculed from people on both sides of the political aisle. Omar called the revelations “false” and her allies continued to excoriate Loomer’s findings without providing any documentation to contradict the evidence she provided.

In August 2018, when Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib were still candidates, Loomer was on the ground in Minnesota investigating the two jihadi candidates and their nefarious activities.

At a joint campaign event in August 2018, Loomer confronted Omar and Tlaib on video about their jew hatred, ties to terrorist organizations, their affiliation with CAIR, their refusal to condemn HAMAS, Omar’s fraudulent marriage to her brother, and Omar’s use of her campaign funds to pay her divorce attorney.

Fast-forward to the summer of 2019 and Fox News, along with several other mainstream media outlets, is now reporting on the immigration and tax fraud issues related to Ilhan Omar, as Minnesota campaign finance officials have announced that she violated multiple campaign finance violations. Credit is supposed to be given where credit is due right?

Thankfully, there are still some honest media personalities left. Conservative icon Michelle Malkin took to Twitter following the news of Omar’s campaign finance violations to remind the world that it was Laura Loomer, 10 months ago, who first confronted Omar about her campaign finance violations and her alleged marriage to her brother.
Far too often, independent journalists like Laura Loomer have had their hard work stolen by establishment media who previously labeled their reporting as fringe or conspiracy theories. That is why it is vital to support independent media operations like Loomer’s, with your pocketbook or through sharing her links on your social media profiles and with your friends.

Loomer will be speaking to Minnesota patriots this week about Ilhan Omar, the rise in Jew hatred, and why Minnesota has become a hotbed for ISIS terrorists.


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