A female Jamaican immigrant announced her candidacy for Congress in New York’s 14th Congressional District Wednesday – the same district whose seat is currently held by freshman Democrat Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

“There’s a crisis in Queens and it’s called AOC. She isn’t worried about us – she’s worried about being famous. That’s why I’m running for Congress,” Sherie Murray said in a Twitter announcement.

Murray Tweeted several times Wednesday, and garnered more than 71,000 followers since her announcement.

“Honored & humbled by the overwhelming support & enthusiasm today! We’re in this together. While AOC focuses on her celebrity brand & a politics of division, let’s #unitethefight,” she said.

“I‘m a Jamaican immigrant. And I love America. Not the America radical socialists want to see, but the America that is a land of opportunity for all. That’s what I’m fighting for,” she added later.

AOC has been embroiled in controversy since the day she won her primary election last summer. But that controversy has been ramped up over the past few weeks after she referred to ICE detention facilities as “concentration camps,” comparing them to the atrocities of the Holocaust.

A domestic Antifa terrorist attempted to blow up an ICE facility in Washington last weekend with homemade explosives, and in his manifesto used the term “concentration camp,” as coined by AOC.

This site reported:

This post first appeared on my blog, The Rundown News.

The man said to have charged an ICE facility with homemade bombs and a rifle before being shot dead by police invoked AOC’s “concentration camp” rhetoric in his manifesto

Who: Willem van Spronsen, the dead commie, invoked AOC’s language.

What: “In these days of fascist hooligans preying on vulnerable people on our streets, in the name of the state or supported and defended by the state, in these days of highly profitable detention/concentration camps and a battle over the semantics…” Van Spronsen said in the document.

When: Van Spronsen was killed early Saturday morning in an apparent attempt at martyrdom for the anti-fascist cause.

Where: Tacoma, Washington.

Why It Matters: The freshman congresswoman sparked two weeks of furor after calling the ICE detention camps “concentration camps.” This website wondered yesterday whether her rhetoric inspired this man to commit his act of terror. The answer, at least partly, is yes.

The Rundown reported:

AOC has spent weeks ratcheting up her rhetoric against ICE and its agents, accused them of running “concentration camps” for detained migrants. After a visit to one of the detention facilities, she claimed – without evidence – that detainees were being forced to drink water out of toilets. Earlier this week, she instructed illegal aliens on how to avoid being arrested by ICE, which is set to begin raids this weekend to deport 2,000 illegals with final deportation orders. Friday, during House testimony, she complained that American flags were flying over ICE detention facilities, only for one flag at a Colorado facility to be torn down and replaced with a Mexican flag hours later.

The media often points fingers at right-wingers when someone commits a heinous crime that could have been politically motivated. Will it do the same to AOC?

Murray claims that she is running as a Republican. If so, she has an uphill battle ahead in a district that heavily favors Democrats.