A judge has banned Roger Stone from using his social media accounts until his after trial in November, claiming that Stone violated his gag order. 

“An irate Judge Amy Berman Jackson did not revoke his bail but instead ordered Stone to stay off Instagram, Twitter or Facebook and to not make posts ‘in any way or on any subject,'” according to The Hill. 

Stone was charged with witness tampering and lying to Congress during the bogus Russian “collusion” witch hunt, which ended with a big, fat nothingburger served cold by former Special Counsel Robert S. Mueller. Still, the Stalinist political persecution of Stone, an associate of President Donald J. Trump, continues.

“Federal prosecutors filed a motion last month alleging that Stone had violated the gag order, which blocked him from publicly discussing his case, through several Instagram posts,” according to the report. “The posts made reference to public court filings in Stone’s case, and the longtime Republican operative had tagged several media outlets in the images.”

The court appears desperate to keep Stone from discussing his case.

Jackson reportedly read several Instagram posts from Stone’s account aloud, asking his attorney how the posts did not violate his gag order. Ultimately, Jackson ruled against Stone and ordered him to be silent until after his trial.