A Twitter executive was outed by The Washington Examiner Monday for his staunch anti-Trump bias, adding to the questions surrounding the Big Tech company’s hatred of conservatives.

“Twitter Senior Engineering Manager Ian Brown’s tweets have assailed Trump, White House social media chief Dan Scavino Jr., top aide Stephen Miller, GOP lawmakers including Sen. Rand Paul, and supporters like Turning Point USA chief Charlie Kirk,” according to the report.

The Tweets, which are still live, show Brown’s hatred for Trump, and everyone in Trump’s orbit.

“Riddle me this [Dan Scavino]: why’d you go all in crowing about the evils of “chain migration” while hiding a past of immigrant exploitation?” Brown said. “I’m gonna go out on a limb here and guess that the answer is…wait for it…you are a racist dick.”

“All I want for Christmas is for [Dan Scavino] and [President Trump] to go to jail next year,” Brown said in a later Tweet, mockingly adding the hashtag MAGA.

“Can somebody impeach this motherfucker before it’s too late?” he said in January, quoting a Trump Tweet.

A quick look at Brown’s Twitter account reveals that Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey follows Brown.

Brown also cheered a recent report that President Trump’s son, Eric Trump, was spit on in a Chicago bar.

“If Eric Trump is upset about getting spit on by a restaurant employee, I have some bad news about the food and drinks he’s being served,” Brown said in June.

The social media giant still maintains that it has no anti-conservative bias, despite the fact that that some of its high-level employees have an obvious hatred for Trump. In 2017, a Twitter employee deactivated Trump’s personal account on his last day of employment at Twitter.

Along with Brown’s tweets, multiple senior employees at Twitter were caught on hidden camera in a Project Veritas investigation which revealed how employees at Twitter shadow ban and intentionally censor Conservatives and Trump supporters.


This week, at the exact same time that President Trump’s social media summit was scheduled to begin, Twitter “crashed” in DC. The summit was held to address concerns os anti-Conservative bias by Twitter and Facebook.

Gee… what a coincidence….Odd timing for Twitter to just “crash”. Wouldn’t want people tweeting about the President of the United States addressing Twitter’s censorship now….would we, Jack?


On top of that, the company has banned several prominent conservative influencers, including Laura Loomer, whose account had more than 265,000 followers. The account was banned in November 2018. Loomer has since filed a lawsuit against Twitter over the ban, along with the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) for its role in lobbying Twitter to ban her.

Support Loomer’s lawsuit against Twitter and CAIR here.