President Donald J. Trump is keen on noting that the American press is the enemy of the American people. While his position is unpopular among liberals who dominate the media, there is ample evidence to support his claim.

LauraLoomer.us contributor and The Rundown Editor-in-Chief Peter D’Abrosca wrote a book called Enemies: The Press vs. The American People, available for purchase on Amazon by clicking here, or Barnes & Noble here, defending Trump’s position on the leftist corporate press.

Bestselling author and right-wing media pundit Michelle Malkin had this to say about D’Abrosca’s book:

Just how dumb, blind, and incompetent are the enemies of the Fourth Estate? Peter D’Abrosca tears ’em all to shreds in this masterful dissection of American journalism’s ills. From climate-grifters to Antifa apologists to race hustlers and cocktail conservatives attacking President Trump on TV airwaves and in dying newspapers at every turn, D’Abrosca documents the relentless malpractice of the media elites. This book is an invaluable guide to fake news and fraudulent narratives. Buy it!

The following is an excerpt from the book’s eleventh chapter, called “No-Brainers:”

“Before I became a reporter, I thought that members of the D.C. press and punditry class possessed some sort of wizardly quality that consumers of news did not possess. Shortly after I became a reporter, I realized what that quality was: brainlessness. Left-wing D.C. newsies are objectively the dumbest people on earth. Tangentially related is the fact that they’re terrible human beings. They’re liars, scoundrels, wretches, miscreants, and none of their mothers loved them. If you thought bacteria were the lowest form of life, you ought to hang around Capitol Hill and chat with some members of the mainstream press. They make bacteria look polished and intelligent.

Of course, their target audience is the radical Democrat, and they have to play at the level of this audience, otherwise, no one would watch. If nobody watches, nobody gets paid. But once you get trapped in that yellow-padded room of leftist feebleness, your chances of recovery are slim. Remember this objective fact the next time your mind is numbed by the vapidness of a mainstream press news segment: our press is complicit in the dumbing down of America.

Leftist ThinkProgess recently ran a piece titled “Romaine lettuce is too dangerous to be in stores, but guns are still available 24/7.

‘On Thanksgiving Day 2018, Americans couldn’t buy romaine lettuce because of a CDC recall linked to an E. Coli outbreak,’ said the site’s Ryan Koronowski. ‘But even though gun violence is so mundane that a shooting at a mall in Alabama Thursday evening barely made national news, guns were still freely available at stores like Walmart across the country.’

See what I mean about the bacteria? The E. Coli couldn’t have produced a worse non-sequitur. Apparently thinking is not a prerequisite for working at ThinkProgress, despite the name of the publication. For the logically impaired, there are several reasons why romaine was banned, but firearms get to stay. And in case anyone from ThinkProgress stumbles upon this book (and knows how to read), the reason is not because we don’t eat firearms.”