Somali Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) flunked two very simple tests on Capitol Hill Monday, failing to condemn two radical terror organizations.

A reporter asked her to respond to claims that she supports Islamic terror group al-Qaeda after she and three other freshman congresswomen held a press conference to call President Donald J. Trump a racist. She did not condemn the group.

“You might have noticed how when [President Trump] said go back to where you came from, there was an uproar, uh, through the, uh through all of our communities because every single person who’s brown and black at some point in their life in this country heard that,” Omar said. “Now when he made the comment, uh, I know that every single Muslim who has lived in this country and across the world heard that comment. And so I will not dignify it with an answer.”

As a “brown person” who has never faced a day of discrimination in the United States, I would’ve gone with a simple “No.”

At another point during the day, a Rebel Media reporter caught up with Omar in the halls of Congress, and asked her to condemn the domestic Antifa terrorist attack carried out by Willem Van Spronsen, who attempted over the weekend to blow up and ICE detention center with homemade bombs. Omar refused to answer the question.

“Will you condemn the Antifa attack in Washington over the weekend?” the reporter asked.

Omar walked past him and ignored his question, but he followed her and kept asking.

“It’s easy to condemn terrorism, will you condemn it?” he said. “Antifa firebombed a facility in Tacoma over the weekend – it’s an ICE facility. Will you condemn them for that? I mean, firebombing a concentration camp is kind of a laudable thing, if it actually is a concentration camp. You must be happy that they did it, no? Are you pleased? Should more people do it? It’s easy to say no. It’s really easy to say no.”

Omar eventually escaped into an office.