Twice-failed presidential candidate Hillary R. Clinton spoke Friday at a “Lights for Liberty” event in Chappaqua, New York, where she opined about President Donald J. Trump’s immigration policies, and frankly, sounded like a candidate for office.

“We can have secure borders and be a humane nation,” Clinton said at the small gathering.

Kyle Olson of The American Mirror posted the video of the event with the title “Hillary talks like candidate at NY immigration protest.” The “Lights for Liberty” movement is a national one, aimed at fighting Trump’s immigration policies. It sparked the removal of an American flag, and its subsequent replacement with a Mexican flag, at an ICE detention facility in Colorado Friday evening.

Clinton bashed Trump’s immigration policies, and proceeded to discuss her own ideas on the subject.

“This is a policy that is infused with cruelty. It is a cruel, unfeeling, unfair, mean-spirited policy,” she said, referring to family separation, a policy which has been in place since before the Trump administration.

She then offered up her ideas on how to fix the immigration system.

“We need more immigration judges who are properly trained,” she said, “who are put on the job for the purpose of actually following and enforcing the law, uh, not shortcutting it, and causing, uh – and, not only a crisis of mistreatment, but also of misrule.”

“We could have a data system, don’t you think, where we keep track of people,” she continued. “There are literally thousands of children who have been separated all over this country, and no one in this government knows where they are.”

She later lectured the Trump administration on its policy of cutting foreign aid to Central American nations who flood our borders with illegal aliens.

“When I was Secretary of State, we were starting to put into place some responses, like having facilities and personnel in the capitols of the countries and a few other places within them, to try to process asylum so that people wouldn’t have to the dangerous route north,” she said.

Clinton ended her speech with a plea for “radical empathy,” and said “those are the kinds of feelings that can lead, not only to better actions that will have better outcomes, but also to reclaiming the values of our country that are under so much attack and stress right now.”