Twitter crashed just minutes before President Donald J. Trump’s Social Media Summit began, leading some to wonder whether the tech giant is trying to censor users from commenting on the event:

“BREAKING: 5 minutes before President Trump’s social media summit at the White House today, Twitter shut down users’ ability to post on twitter and view tweets. Twitter is literally censoring the White House Summit on social media censorship in real time. President Trump must act now. Twitter is officially silencing President Trump and the White House. This is criminal behavior on behalf of big tech. #StopTheBias,” Laura Loomer said on Parler.

Trump’s much anticipated Summit began at 3pm, which is the same exact time the Twitter crashed. The Summit has been discussed at great length in the media – particularly the fact that neither Twitter nor Facebook were invited to participate.

Left-wing critics of President Trump will be quick to say it’s a “conspiracy” to say Twitter intentionally shut down at the exact same time of the social media summit, but the evidence suggests the shut down was intentional.

A Twitter outage map shows that the Twitter outage was specifically central to Washington DC and New York, which is the location of both the White House and Trump Tower.

LauraLoomer.US reported:

“According to multiple Monday reports, Big Tech giants Twitter and Facebook have not been invited to President Donald J. Trump’s July 11 social media summit at The White House.

“PragerU and Turning Point USA’s Charlie Kirk have apparently received invites to the event,” TechCrunch said. “There will, however, be some key names missing from the invite list — including, notably, the social media companies themselves.”

The two tech giants – who have been accused of purposefully shutting down conservative speech on their platforms – will likely be a major topic of discussion. When confronted about their alleged biases, Big Tech platforms often deny holding any political viewpoints.

Others conspicuously left off the invitation list include Laura Loomer, who was banned from nearly every social media platform, most notably Twitter, whom she is suing alongside the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) over the deplatforming. Loomer had more than 260,000 followers before her ban. Rumors swirled Sunday that One America News’ Jack Posobiec had been invited to the event, but that his invitation was revoked.

Wednesday, the guest list was heavily scrutinized, with some noting that many people who have actually been banned from social media platforms were not invited to the Summit.

Cartoonist Ben Garrison was disinvited from the White House’s Thursday “Social Media Summit” on Bit Tech censorship while some right-wing figures began to notice a trend: not many people who have actually been censored have been invited to the event.

“Have any of the people who got invited to the social media summit actually been censored by social media?” Paul Joseph Watson asked on Twitter.

While there are some invitees who have been censored – Project Veritas’ James O’Keefe, whose videos exposing Google’s anti-Trump bias was removed by Google-owned YouTube being one them – the list includes mostly establishment Conservative organizations such as the Heritage Foundation, PragerU, Turning Point USA, and the Media Research Center, none of whom have actually been deplatformed like Laura Loomer, Alex Jones, Gavin McInnes, Milo Yiannopoulos, and Paul Joseph Watson.

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