Laura Loomer was a featured speaker at Saturday’s “Demand Free Speech” rally in Washington, D.C., alongside other conservative firebrands like Milo Yiannopoulos and Gavin McInnes.

“I came to Washington, D.C. today because I was one of the key speakers at the ‘Demand Free Speech’ rally,” Loomer told OAN’s Neil McCabe. ” I’m currently, probably the most banned woman in America, if not the most banned person in America.”

“I’ve been banned on every single social media platform, and essentially de-platformed, or as the left likes to call it, ‘getting canceled,'” she continued. “I had a pretty good security detail today because people were threatening to shoot me and throw acid in my face, so I pretty much was driven in, got up on stage, gave my talk, and left. But I did see Antifa in the back.”

Members of the loosely affiliated, radical far-left group Antifa showed up to protest the event. They were dressed in their usual faux tough guy black clad look, and spent most of the day yelling into the abyss.

“Unlike the Portland police, the police here in Washington, D.C. actually did a pretty great job protecting conservatives from Antifa,” Loomer said. “Antifa has thrown drinks on me, Antifa has assaulted me, but today I saw Antifa online – they were taking the newspaper stands and tables from restaurants outside and throwing them into the street.”



The Antifa crowd at the rally was more tame the one in Portland, Oregon last week, which beat and bloodied journalist Andy Ngo so badly that he spent the night in the hospital with a brain bleed.

This site reported:

Ngo was attacked during Antifa’s counter protest of the Proud Boys, a men’s fraternal organization known for protecting conservative speakers and celebrities from violent leftists across the United States.

Labeled a domestic terrorist organization by the Department of Homeland Security, Antifa is largely allowed to run amok across the United States with no pushback from law enforcement. Key members of the mainstream media and progressive movement have cheered on their violent tactics, even when the group attacks journalists and the elderly.

Ngo has become a frequent target of Antifa online because he captures their violent outbursts on camera, showing the American people and the world in whole how unhinged and out-of-control the domestic terrorist group has become since the election of Donald Trump.

The White House has heard the pleas of conservatives who have been affected by anti-conservative Big Tech, and will host a summit on tech censorship including several prominent social media figures. Loomer has not been invited, though, and there are rumors circulating that OAN’s Jack Posobiec’s invitation has been rescinded.