The political left has been showing it’s true anti-American colors over the past few days, bashing President Donald J. Trump for hosting a July 4th celebration complete with military personnel and tanks.

Here are just a few of them who are upset about celebrating America:

“Let this sink in: There are tanks in the nation’s capital and concentration camps at its border. The drift to toward the unimaginable is unmistakable,” New York Times columnist Charles M. Blow said on Twitter.

“Watching army tanks being hauled thru DC for Trump’s July 4 celebration is heartbreaking & repugnant,” said Democrat presidential candidate Marianne Williamson.

Harvard Law faculty member and political commentator Laurence Tribe compared the showing to Tiananmen Square, a 1989 Chinese student protest against Communism which led to the iconic photograph of an unidentified man standing in front of a tank. In other words, the D.C. celebration is nothing at all like Tiananmen Square.

“What was the moment when you knew our country had descended into authoritarianism: I’d mark down watching tanks roll into DC for Trump’s July 4 military parade,” said radical feminist Amy Siskind.


“Tanks in the streets of DC. Concentration camps on our southern border. A POTUS who says he’s going to work with our enemies to gain reelection. An executive branch defying SCOTUS orders. America, on the eve of your birthday you’re much closer to closing up shop than you realize,” said RussiaGate conspiracy theorist and author Seth Abramson.

“There’s a Freudian inevitability to Trump wanting a Russian-style parade of tanks through DC on the 4th of July. Before 2016, that day signified our Declaration of Independence; now, it signifies Putin’s triumph over our democracy, enabled by the corrupt GOP. It’s a mockery,” said Steve Silberman, another Russiagate conspiracy theorist.

“Growing up in the DC area we didn’t have tanks on the Mall for the 4th. But we did have The Beach Boys,” CNN propagandist Jim Acosta said sarcastically.

The list goes on. I made a video mashup of MSNBC losing its mind over the celebration Wednesday.