Conservative commentator Candace Owens is blowing a hole through claims made by top Democrats alleging migrant detention centers are unsafe, in decrepit conditions and detainees are subject to abuse by border patrol agents.

Reps. Veronica Escobar of Texas, Joaquin Castro of Texas, Rashida Tlaib of Minnesota and Alexandria Ocasio Cortez of New York visited several U.S. Customs and Border Protection sites housing migrants who crossed the U.S. border illegally Tuesday.

Cortez railed against conditions at a migrant facility, claiming Custom and Border patrol agents force illegal immigrants to drink out toilets.

“Now I’ve seen the inside of these facilities,” Cortez tweeted. “It’s not just the kids. It’s everyone. People drinking out of toilets, officers laughing in front of members of Congress.”

Yet, Owens visited an Immigration and Customs Enforcement detention center in Broward County, Florida on Wednesday with a camera crew and her account facilities conditions paints a much different picture.

The conditions of the detention center were better than any public school, Owens claimed.

“Let me tell you what I saw when I just walked in there, by the way, I am with an entire film crew. I’m about to blow up this narrative in a way that the left is not expecting. They are filthy, disgusting liars. What I just saw is astonishing,” she said, live-streaming from the facility on Periscope. “This place is like an elementary school. There are colors on the wall everywhere. There’s a nursing station that is so clean and so nice. Where they dine, they are sitting down nicely, eating food. They have people that go to the counter that can participate, if they want, they can help cook.”

She added, “I thought I was touring a place to send my child to elementary school. And by the way, I would have sent my child to this elementary school.”

While Cortez insists migrant detention centers at the border are “concentration camps,” Owens explained she was stunned to learn migrants in the detention center she visited enjoy Zumba classes, a sand volleyball court, foosball tables, a soccer field, a hair salon, a computer-filled library, 24 hour medical care and other amenities.

“This place is nicer than where I went through the public school system. I went to Stanford, Connecticut public schools,” she said. “I walked in on women that were in their arts and crafts session. They had just concluded their fucking Zumba class. In the same room that they do their fucking Zumba, they also have to do their arts and crafts. That’s just for the women’s side.”

 “There are phones that line the entire place, where there’s a sand volleyball court, a foosball table, there are pool tables,” she continued. “There’s a soccer field – because in case they want to play soccer when they’re outside there should be a soccer field that is adjacent to the sand volleyball court where they can play. They are laughing, they are having a good time.”

Democrats “should be disgusted” for lying to the American people about how the United States treats illegal immigrants, Owens argued.

“The library, unfortunately, is only open from 10 – 1 pm, maybe that’s what [Democrats] are boycotting. Longer library hours is what they’re boycotting,” she said. “To make sure they have longer library hours would maybe be an honest debate being told by the left.”

Owens, who founded the Blexit movement urging black Americans to abandon its loyalty to the Democrat Party, announced she is producing a documentary that will expose the truth about detention facilities along the border and challenged Democrats to provide video evidence of their allegations of abuse and extreme conditions of the facilities.

 “I challenge right now, any politician saying to abolish ICE – come into this with cameras with me. And then we will go to the hallways of where I went to high school, where I went to college. These are nicer than my college dorms. I will be posting and doing a documentary on what is actually happening. Democrats, you should be disgusted with yourselves,” she concluded. “They are creating anarchy in this country based off of lies.”