An Afghan migrant who went on a stabbing rampage in London asked his victims if they were English before attacking them, according to reports on his trial.

“Samiulahaq Akbari, 32, allegedly stalked potential victims at a Tesco Extra in Thornton Heath on January 8 while holding a 10-inch blade,” RT said. “Footage shows the Afghan asylum seeker tapping shopper Nicholas Speight on the shoulder before asking his nationality. When Speight revealed that he was from the UK, Akbari lunged at the victim with a large knife, the court was told.”

Akbari was reportedly motivated by a desire to “kill members of the public.”

The prosecutor in the case, Heidi Stonecliffe, said that it was only “by luck” that Speight was not stabbed.

“This defendant had set out deliberately to threaten, harm and kill members of the public by virtue of their nationality, or what Mr Akbari perceived to be their nationality – they were English,” she said.

He fled the scene, and ten minutes later attacked two other men in a similar manner. Again, he missed both of his targets. When he returned home, his cousin called the police, giving them a dire warning.

“[H]e wants to kill the English people. I can see his eyes, he’s serious,” the cousin reportedly said. “He will do it. He’s trying to run and he will kill someone. Please come quickly.”

London has a “knife epidemic” which has “reached unprecedented levels” in 2019, according to The Sun.

London’s Muslim mayor Sadiq Khan has refused to stop settling third world refugees in the city, despite the increasing violence. More than 30 people – 32 to be exact – have been stabbed to death in London. Last year, the city had 135 homicides.

Khan has responded to the increased violence, but has not linked it to increased migration from violent parts of the world.

“The rise in the number of violent deaths both in London and across our country is shameful. This scourge leaves families and communities devastated,” he said according to The Guardian.

“The causes of violent crime are deeply complex and made far worse by huge government cuts over the last eight years to the police, youth services, councils and charities.”

To learn more about knife crime, its affects and possible prevention, read The Ultimate Guide to Knife Crime” by Working The Doors.