President Donald J. Trump will hold a “social media summit” on July 11 in order to address the issue of anti-conservative bias among the Big Tech community.

“The Social Media Summit set for July 11 will focus on the ‘opportunities and challenges of today’s online environment,'” POLITICO said, quoting White House Spokesperson Judd Deere.

Invitees to the summit will include “digital leaders,” according to the report, but those people have not been specifically named. But meme magician CarpeDonktum announced on Twitter that he has been invited to the event.

“Thank You [President Trump] for the invite,” he said. “After working out a few issues with childcare, I happily accept! It is a great honor to have been invited!”

So far, Laura Loomer has not received an invite. She and other conservative media personalities have been permanently banned from several social networks, including Facebook, Facebook-owned Instagram, and Twitter.

Loomer, who has been banned on every single social media platform announced her lawsuit against Twitter and CAIR after her ban.

“Investigative Journalist and Activist Laura Loomer filed suit in a Florida court for harm caused by her November 2018 ban from the social media platform Twitter,” she reported on this site.

“As reported in the Wall Street Journal, Loomer’s ban came at the instigation of CAIR (Council on American Islamic Relations) and was carried out shortly after CAIR’s meeting with Twitter executives.Loomer has been a frequent critic of CAIR and its CAIR Florida affiliate, as well as their ‘favorite daughters,’ Congressional Representatives Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib.”

Loomer was banned from Twitter for calling Omar, who has been engulfed in many anti-Semitism scandals during her tenure in Congress, “anti-Jewish.” Critics of radical Islam are frequent targets of social media giants, especially Twitter. She had more than 260,000 followers.

As of 2015, Saudi Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Bin Abdulaziz Alsaud owned more of Twitter than the company’s CEO, Jack Dorsey. Saudi Arabia is governed by Sharia Law.

The summit, though, is a positive step forward for the Trump administration, which will need its critical social media allies in the run up to the 2020 election. Trump irked some of his supporters last night during an interview that aired “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” where he was non-committal about taking action to prevent Big Tech giants from censoring conservatives moving forward.

Trump has recognized in the past tech giants are working against conservatives.

“Look, we should be suing Google and Facebook and all that, which, perhaps we will,” he told Fox Business during a phone interview.

“What they did to me on Twitter’s incredible,” he said. “I have millions and millions of followers, but I will tell you they make it very hard for people to join me on Twitter. If I announced tomorrow that I’m going to become a nice liberal Democrat, I would pick up five times more followers.”

When prompted, the tech giants deny any form of political bias.

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