After leaving a US Customs and Border Protection facility in Texas, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez claims Border Police agents were “sexually threatening” towards her, are forcing illegal immigrants to drink out toilets and subjecting them to other extreme conditions.

“I see why CBP officers were being so physically & sexually threatening towards me,” the New York Democrat tweeted Monday.

 “Officers were keeping women in cells w/no water & had told them to drink out of the toilets,” she wrote. “This was them on their GOOD behavior in front of members of Congress.”

Cortez, accompanied by other congressional Democrats, visited several migrant detention centers along the southern border Monday, amid reports of illegal immigrants being subjected decrepit living conditions and repeated sexual assaults.

“Now I’ve seen the inside of these facilities,” Cortez tweeted. “It’s not just the kids. It’s everyone. People drinking out of toilets, officers laughing in front of members of Congress.”

The freshmen legislator claimed officers were indifferent to members of Congress being present as the detainees drank from the toilet.

“I brought it up to their superiors,” she said. “They said ‘officers are under stress & act out sometimes.’ No accountability.”

She said she had also intended to examine detention facilities in Clint, where the Trump administration she claims “was denying children toothpaste and soap.”

“This has been horrifying so far,” Cortez continued. “It is hard to understand the enormity of the problem. We’re talking systemic cruelty w/a dehumanizing culture that treats them like animals.”

Cortez’s trip to the border comes after the rising Democratic star claimed Border Protections are plotting to harm her and assault members of the contingent.

“This just broke: a secret Facebook group of 9,500 CBP officers discussed making a GoFundMe for officers to harm myself & Rep. Escobar during our visit to CBP facilities & mocked migrant deaths,” she tweeted Monday afternoon. “This isn’t about a few bad eggs. This is a violent culture.”

She was referencing an article published by ProPublica that claimed CBP officials are members of a secret group on Facebook in which they joke about the death of migrants, suggested tossing a “burrito at these bitches,” and posted a meme of Cortez engaged in fellatio with President Trump.

The ProPublica report said the Facebook group – called“I’m 10-15,” which is Border Patrol code for “aliens in custody” — was started in August 2016 and includes about 9,500 members.

Reps. Veronica Escobar of Texas, Joaquin Castro of Texas and Rashida Tlaib of Minnesota were also in attendance of Monday’s border visit.

The Democrat legislators were heckled by local Trump supporters in both English and Spanish throughout their news conference outside the detention facilities.

“Trump 2020,” the crowd shouted.

 “Go take care of your country!” one man yelled. “You guys are retarded! Cry me a river!”

Cortex was told to “go back to New York City, nobody wants you here!”

 “Did you bring your onion?!” another quipped, mocking Cortez for shedding “fake tears.”