The North Florida Congressman and iconic pro-Trump ally has revealed that Pete Buttigieg’s top staffer for his presidential campaign in Florida, a woman named Samantha Lillian Elaine Pollara, once called for a disgustingly violent attack on him.

Sharing a screenshot from a Facebook post, which appears to be discussing the milkshake attack on the Congressman several weeks ago from an alt-left activist and former opponent, Pollara commented that she hoped it would be “urine next time.”

Gaetz shared this little tidbit with the world less than a day after Antifa domestic terrorists brutally beat and doused a gay Asian reporter with liquid cement. The reporter, Andy Ngo, was admitted to the hospital overnight due to a brain bleed, after spending the afternoon documenting the hate fueled gathering of domestic terrorists that turned violent on several occasions.

When Gaetz was struck with a milkshake several weeks ago, mainstream media and alt-left reporters in the state of Florida and beyond celebrated the deranged outburst.

We are LauraLoomer.US discussed how it would start with a milkshake, then reach acid attacks (liquid concrete is a form of an acid attack), and ultimately end with a bullet. Those same “journalists” mocked this foreshadowing, though it only took a few weeks for it to come true.

**We have begun a list of journalists who are celebrating the attack on journalist Andy Ngo, which you can read here. Andy remains hospitalized.**

The fact that Mayor Pete Buttigieg’s top Florida staffer, who serves as his investment director, wants conservatives attacked with human excrement “or worse” should be very alarming to citizens of the Sunshine State. Will Samantha Lillian Elaine Pollara use campaign interns and resources to marshal the alt-left to attack anyone who opposes her boss’s bid for the Democratic nomination?

Furthermore, when will the media in Florida and nationally call on Mayor Pete to denounce and fire the deranged alt-left staffer?

Could you imagine if a member of Gaetz’s campaign staff made a similar comment following a violent attack on progressive candidate or elected official?

It would be non-stop news coverage. A petition for President Trump to officially list Antifa as a domestic terrorist organization recently went up on WhiteHouse.Gov, which you can sign here.

This is a developing story.

Jacob Engels