For some time, Rep. Ilhan Omar (D., Minn.) has been the proud recipient of constant media protection and uncritical fawning from her supporters and the Democrat Party. Any wrongdoing on her part, either ethically, morally, or both, has been explained away by the boring, euphemistic apologetics that is popular among her ideologues. Her defenders have gone as far as accusing journalists of being “racist” and “Islamophobic” for reporting on Omar’s notorious anti-Semitism and her apparent fraudulent marriage.

This has been the case until very recently, as previously reported. While many in Minnesota have chosen to commits a cowardly sort of intellectual suicide, Republican Mezeppa, MN resident, Steve Drazkowski isn’t backing down from Omar.

Rep. Drazkowski, himself a representative for Minnesota District 21B, has stalwartly and unapologetically called for a thorough federal ethics inquiry into the affairs of Omar. The request, which was filed on Tuesday, has been sent to Minnesota’s 2nd Congressional US representative, Angie Craig, and levies the charges for Omar’s litany of crimes at the federal level.

The goal of the inquiry, as announced in Rep. Drazkowski’s press release which was made available Tuesday, June 25th, will be three-fold. The first will be to wrest Rep. Omar’s security clearance. Drazkowski was quoted in Tuesday’s press conference as having said that “Ms. Omar appears to be a serial career criminal and should not have access to our nation’s highest secrets and intelligence,”. Given the laundry list of offenses Omar is guilty of committing, this statement will only seem unfair to the lemming-like conformists who scream “Islamophobe!” at anyone who dares question their Minnesotan Mullah.

The second reason is to lobby for Omar’s immediate and permanent removal from the House Committee on Foreign Affairs. This echoes a previous scenario that took place merely three months ago when Omar was almost thrown out of said committee over several anti-Semitic tweets she posted in which she accused Jews of having “dual loyalty” and being bought and paid for by Israel. On this point, Rep. Drazkowski specifically cited Omar’s recent misappropriation of campaign funds, which she was found guilty of. Omar was ordered to pay a restitution to the Minnesota Campaign Finance Board (“CFB”).

The third reason follows the first two reasons axiomatically. Should these two goals become realized, it will clear the ground, and make way for the flood gates to open on Ilhan Omar regarding her ever-growing list of crimes. Omar’s other offenses include receiving kickbacks from two Minnesota community colleges, perjury, and bigamy (the last crime alone, by the way, is punishable with up to 5 years in prison under Minnesota law).

The unseating of Ilhan Omar has been a clarion call of Rep. Drazkowski for sometime. He was, in fact, quoted back in 2018 regarding Omar’s previously stated misuse of taxpayer’s money, saying, “I’m pleased the Campaign Finance Board is taking Representative Omar’s blatant misuse of taxpayer resources seriously,” He added, “Omar doesn’t get to pick and choose the rules she wants to follow, yet it appears that’s exactly what she’s been doing for the past two years.”.

U.S. Rep. Angie Craig said of the grievance that it was a “political stunt” by Drazkowski, and that “The people I talk to want me to focus on reducing the price of health care and prescription drugs, and that’s exactly what I’m doing,”. Ever-optimistic, Rep. Drazkowski said that “This is not about congresswoman Craig, it’s not about Republican or Democrat, it’s about an avenue for me to bring forward these questions and get it in front of the U.S. House of Representatives”. He has certainly done that and his battle is just getting started with growing support from millions of Americans who also want Omar removed from Congress.

This week, Drazkowski appeared on Tucker Carlson’s show to discuss Omar’s offenses and the work he has done to call attention to her criminal activity and political violations.

WATCH: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fwr1S_2WKkM

Josh Cohen