A group of provocateurs and street artists, known as The Faction, co-opted a major billboard in LA promoting Showtime’s new miniseries on the former CEO of Fox News who is credited with turning Fox News into a cable news powerhouse. Premiering this weekend during Sunday night prime-time, The Loudest Voice stars Russell Crowe as Ailes and counts Naomi Watts, Seth MacFarlane and Sienna Miller among the cast.

The Faction altered the billboard to include a cherubic graphic of Ailes in the upper right hand corner with a word bubble that reads “Haters gonna hate.” It also called out Showtime and CBS for being “fake news” and addressed how Ailes, as one of CBS’ main competitors, “beat them every night.”

According to statements from The Faction to The Hollywood Reporter, they didn’t adjust the Showtime billboard in defense of Ailes, but more as a commentary on how the news media and entertainment circles develop their own facts to engage in character assassination of their opponents.

“Mainstream media rewrites facts and sells it as history using character assassination … they present lies and innuendo as facts,” the member said.

The group is most well known for placing temporary Hollywood Walk of Fame stars with Donald Trump’s name over other celebrities after a several left-wing losers destroyed President Trump’s Walk of Fame star.

Jacob Engels