Democratic Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar rose to fame for demanding to be able to wear the hijab on the floor of Congress.

The Muslim congresswoman regularly wears the hijab, which according to the Quran 33:59 tells women to cover so they won’t get molested. The head garment signifies adherence to this Islamic doctrine and is indicative of her adherence and compliance to Sharia law.

Yet, when posing with members of the gay community at a recent gay pride parade, Omar decided to set her hijab asides.

She instead wears an African headdress on occasion.

Ostensibly, Omar ’s change of attire is a Taqiyya tactic. Taqiyya is the Islamic practice of lying about and concealing one’s true belief in order to advance the cause of Islam, a common practice held by jihadis when they are exposed in the public eye for their pro-terror views.

Is Omar’s decision to change her headdress a calculated attempt to pander and subdue her Islamic piety and advocacy of Sharia? The Islamic law not only condemns but prescribes cruel and unusual punishments for homosexuality, including death.

Under Sharia, homosexuals are killed. The killing of homosexuals is a regular activity in Omar’s birth country of Somalia.

 After attending the gay pride parade, Omar tweeted a ‘joke’ about implementing Sharia law in America.

Omar contends to strongly support gay rights, America, and that she has never suggested she’s in favor of stoning anyone. The Minnesota Democrat’s associates, however, suggest otherwise. Her close friend and political ally Linda Sarsour proclaimed that her mentor is a man who has called for gays to be murdered. Sarsour is a rabid anti-Semite, a pro-Hamas mouthpiece and “Women’s March” co-leader.

Sarsour often tweets about her desires to implement Sharia Law in the United States and her hatred for Israel.

She was often seen campaigning for Omar and was invited as one of Omar’s special guests during the Congressional swearing in ceremony on Jan. 3 as Omar took her oath on the Quran.

In July 2017, Linda Sarsour addressed the 54th Annual Islamic Society of North America Convention in Chicago, in which she called for Muslims to carry out Jihad against President Trump.  She also used her speech as an opportunity to emphatically praise Imam Siraj Wahhaj, who has called for the killing of homosexuals.  

Wahhaj is among the most prolific Islamic fundraisers, is a regular speaker on the Islamist lecture circuit and possesses arguably the longest and most explicit record of promotion of Islamic law, violent jihad, and calls to anti-gay violence.

Last, August Wahhaj’s son was arrested in New Mexico for kidnapping 11 children he and his co-conspirator were training to become “school shooters”.


Sarsour has described Wahhaj as her “favorite person” and “mentor, motivator and encourager.”

Omar, who has referred to Israel as an “apartheid regime,” continues to face scrutiny over reports that she had married her own brother in 2009 for fraudulent purposes. Earlier this month, she agreed to repay thousands of dollars after the Minnesota Campaign Finance Board found she filed tax returns claiming she was married to one man when she was married to another.