The content creator exodus from YouTube was just given jet skis. Video hosting platform Bitchute has announced the release of its importer tool at DitchYouTube.com.

“With one-click, YouTubers can now backup their entire channel,” prominent conservative Ali Alexander tweeted. “This tool is free. Each of the three entities that participated in the creation of this tool *believe* we must fight Silicon Valley censorship with all we’ve got.”

In concert with his venture Culttture, Alexander worked with Bitchute to develop a tool to allow YouTubers to instantly backup their channels. This development allows creators to easily leave YouTube or simply protect and mirror their channels from YouTube to Bitchute.


Software entrepreneur Ryan Kulp also worked to develop Bitchute’s new tool, and wrote “YouTube thinks they’ll get away with mass censorship thanks to ‘vendor lock-in.’ Luckily there’s a way to migrate all your content in 1 click at https://importer.bitchute.com.”

Culttture is touting the new Bitchute importer tool as a means to protect independent journalism and alternative media, and people are already excited for it.


In the wake of YouTube removing a Project Veritas video exposing YouTube’s censorship, Bitchute’s rollout could not be better timed.