During Tuesday night’s rally for President Trump‘s 2020 campaign in Orlando, Florida, AP reporter Philip Crowther was caught in the act of spreading fake news.

The iconic photographs above were captured of Crowther taking video he would use to falsely report that Proud Boys were flashing “white power signs.” Crowther spread a long debunked hoax that the OK sign is code for “white power,” and his lie was repeated by far left Congressman Ted Lieu.

The photographs were sent to this reporter by Trump supporter Brandon Savage, who appeared in one of Crowther’s edited videos, and said “I knew fake news existed, now I’ve been on the cutting room floor.”

Prominent Trump supporter Joe Biggs also rebuked Crowther’s false reporting.

“I was there,” said Biggs. “I saw no racists in that group. I’m the guy in the fight for free speech shirt. I did see a lot of left wing hate.”


Biggs’s account of left wing hate has been corroborated by an arrest. As reported exclusively on LauraLoomer.us, a leftist protester was in fact arrested for attacking a Trump supporter in Orlando on Tuesday night.

In light of the long-debunked hoax spread by AP reporter Philip Crowther, the failure of the mainstream media to cover the arrest of violent anti-Trump protesters is especially glaring.