The road of insanity is one that means a great deal to Rep. Ilhan Omar (D–MN) and is not a road from which she intends to stray anytime soon . On the back of Omar’s previously reported faux outrage surrounding Pride Month, which is characteristic of her utterances, Omar has outdone herself with a string of recent tweets concerning illegal immigration.

Omar tweeted: “The word illegal alone, in the context of immigration, casts a dark and misleading cloud implying that immigrants who cross a border without authorization have no rights.”

Following this self-evidently ridiculous statement, Omar doubled-down with another tweet shortly after saying that Trump’s use of terms such as “illegal, “aliens”, and “animals” are “dehumanizing” terms. Not only does this laughably seem to imply that Mr. Trump invented such terms, it means that Omar has a degree of contempt for the U.S. code, where both “illegal” and “alien” are recognized terms, each clearly defined.

Following a tweet by President Trump praising the efforts of ICE for enforcing border security, Omar chimed in. As is the gift that keeps on giving, Omar, tweeted in response to President Trump, arguing that it’s “dehumanizing” to refer to immigrants as “aliens”.

Omar clearly wants a shift in U.S. code as the term “undocumented” is not recognized by the Department of Justice, whereas, “alien” is, as circulated in an internal email by former Attorney General Jeff Sessions. For Democrats in Congress, the issue of the day isn’t illegal immigration itself, but the sensitivity surrounding the least “offensive” term for people who break US law and trespass international borders, further displaying the Democrat’s distorted sense of reality. Omar should be concerned about the family members of innocent Americans who have been raped and viciously murdered by illegal aliens, but instead she is more focused on policing Trump for referring to MS13 gang banger murderers as “animals”.

Perhaps Omar’s issue with the term illegal has more to do with her own legal improprieties surrounding her immigration status as a Somali immigrant who allegedly married her biological brother for the sake of committing immigration fraud and student loan fraud, two things that are absolutely illegal according to US law!

Josh Cohen