It appears as though the Daily Caller’s White House Correspondent has a Jewish problem.

Amber Athey, who is employed by the Daily Caller as their White House Correspondent, took to Twitter on Tuesday to react to comments made by Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio Cortez in which she said the US Border Patrol was running Concentration camps on the Southern border.

However, instead of strongly condemning Ocasio-Cortez’s comments, Athey entertained Holocaust hoaxer language when she said, “Whether or not Jewish people were killed in concentration camps is probably not the hill you want to die on, Dems.”

Whether or not, Amber?

The Holocaust is not a debate. The Holocaust happened, and during the Holocaust, an estimated 6 million Jews were murdered in cold blood in an act of genocide.

While all decent humans can agree that Ocasio-Cortez’s comparison of humane border patrol detention centers to Nazi era Concentration camps equipped with gas chambers and ovens is obscene and completely inappropriate, Athey isn’t exactly in a position to virtue signal against the Democrats.

A close examination of Athey’s social media reveals that she herself, like Ocasio, finds pleasure in the horrors of the Holocaust.

In February, 2019, just four months ago, Athey was forced to apologize when anti-Jewish tweets she posted to Twitter resurfaced.

In her tweets, Athey laughed about Jews being burned alive during the Holocaust and made disparaging anti-Jewish comments about the physical characteristics of Jewish people’s facial features.

The tweets have all been deleted, but archived versions of Athey’s Jew hatred remain online. In one tweet from 2012, Athey wrote: “what happens when a jew with an erection walks into a wall? they break their nose.”

And in another from the same year: “how many jews can fit in a clown car? 1002. 2 in the seats and 1000 in the ash trays.”

The question must be asked. Why is Daily Caller employing a woman who thinks the Holocaust is a joke? Why is Daily Caller employing a woman who can’t firmly state that the Holocaust did indeed happen, when virtue signaling against Democrats?

Surely there were other candidates for the position of White House Correspondent? Surely there are other Conservative women who aren’t finding humor is stuffing Jews in an ash tray?

Athey’s comments and insensitivity regarding Jewish people and the horrors they faced during the Holocaust is disturbingly similar to comments made by Hamas Caucus members, Rep. Ihan Omar and Rahsida Tlaib, the first Muslim women elected to Congress.

In fact, when Jewish Conservative journalist Laura Loomer handcuffed herself to the Twitter headquarter office in New York City while wearing a yellow Jewish star to highlight social media censorship and anti-semitism, Athey went out of her way to call the protest a “temper tantrum” and used her Twitter account to attack and amplify the targeted harassment directed at Loomer, a Jewish woman whose grandfather was once arrested by Nazis in Germany.

Athey thinks a Jewish Conservative woman protesting Jew hatred and making the topic of social media bias against Conservatives the number one trending topic on Twitter worldwide is “embarrassing”.

No, Amber. What’s embarrassing is a grown woman finding humor in Jews burning in gas chambers and ovens. What’s embarrassing is the fact that the Daily Caller couldn’t find someone better, someone who isn’t anti-Jewish, for the prestigious job of White House Correspondent.

Athey not only attacked Loomer’s legitimate protest after Loomer was banned for false allegations of “hate speech” after exposing Ilhan Omar as “anti Jewish” and pro-Sharia, but Athey also attacked Conservative icon Michelle Malkin who tweeted in defense of Loomer’s protest against Sharia law and Ilhan Omar.

Under Sharia Law, Jews are to be killed. Omar, who wears a hijab and often campaigns with terror tied organizations, is a Sharia compliant Muslim woman.

Whether it’s joking about the Holocaust, attacking Jewish journalists, or entertaining Holocaust denier theories, Athey has a lot in common with the newly elected members of the Hamas Caucus.

Does Amber Athey have a Jewish problem?

I’d certainly say so.