As thousands Trump supporter stood outside the Orlando arena where the president launched his 2020 reelection campaign, they were attacked an antagonized by radical leftist and anti-Antifa.

Illoominate Media reporter, Jacob Engels, captured footage of the anti-Trump protester’s arrest after he assaulted one of the president’s supporters.

“There you go, plenty of witnesses saw you hit the other person,” Engels said, as the protester, wearing a “Fuck Trump” t-shirt was patted down by law enforcement and cuffed. “This is an alt-left protestor, that assaulted a Trump fan.”

“Hey, you’re not screaming now? It’s not funny now,” a Trump supporter can be heard yelling. “I hope the trust fund covers the bail.”

 “Don’t worry [George] Soros will take care of it,” another Trump supporter mocked. “He pays your checks.”

Opponents of Trump’s reelection, members of the radical left and Antifa, launched their protests at a gay bar where a mariachi band and a drag queen performed to rebut the president’s policies.

To date, communism has killed over 100 million people. Despite being one of the most lethal ideologies in human history, leftist protestors had no problem proudly displaying their hammer and sickle signs and posters in support of the communist party.

While leftist protestors, holding Nazi and communist propaganda, instigated and promoted political violence against the right and were arrested for assaulting Trump supporters, as documented on video, there were no instances of Trump supporters being violent.

Leftist protestors also brought to town a 20 foot tall Donald Trump baby balloon, a replica of the giant balloon leftist used to infamously troll the president during his trips to Great Britain.

A crowdfunding campaign raised $5,000 to transport the balloon to Orlando.