In a desperate attempt to destroy Infowars and its founder Alex Jones, the mainstream media is circulating misinformation claiming Jones is a child pornography trafficker.

Infowars was trending on Twitter Tuesday night after left-leaning media outlets, as well as Never-Trump conservative pundit Ben Shapiro, eagerly disseminated false reports claiming Jones sent out child porn to lawyers.

Headlines blared warnings about Jones, such as NBC News’: “Child porn found in documents Alex Jones sent to Sandy Hook family lawyers.” Nonetheless, left-leaning media outlets, as well as the The Wall

Street Journal reports, “Alex Jones Sent Lawyers for Sandy Hook Families Child Pornography.”

The Young Turks piled on: “Trump defies GOP over tax cuts for the rich.”

 Trump-hater Ben Shapiro also spread the fake news on Twitter.

In reality, Jones was the victim of a malware attack that planted child porn on his computer servers, as we reported last week,

A company tasked with screening Infowars discovered 12 threatening messages were sent to Jones and his employees which contained images of child porn, prompting the FBI to conduct an investigation into the matter for several weeks, Jone’s attorney, Norm Pattis, explained Friday.

“There were 9.6 million emails that were searched. We turned over about 57,000 of them – in twelve of them there were embedded images of child pornography,” he said. “As it turns out, those emails were never opened, the images were never opened, there’s no evidence that anyone here or anyone affiliated with you or [Jones] ever searched them. Clearly, they were placed in there as malware, as evil intended internet communications.

“Twelve images of child pornography, knowingly possessed by you, a member of your staff, or me as your lawyer could land anyone, or all of us, in prison.”

Fortunately, he said, the emails ended up in a spam folder and no one at Infowars opened the infected files.

Jones is offering a $1 million reward to whoever identifies the culprit that conspired to frame him as a pedophile.

The Infowars founder suspects the attempt to frame him with child pornography was carried out by someone linked to the Sandy Hook legal battle he is facing against a former Assistant United States Attorney, Chris Mattei, who has stated for “America to survive” Infowars must be taken off the airwaves.

Mattei represents six families of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting victims and a former FBI agent in a defamation lawsuit claiming Jones called the 2012 massacre a hoax. He won a suit against InfoWars in January in which a judge ruled the Jones must hand over internal marketing and financial documents as part of the ongoing lawsuit against InfoWars and Jones.

The ability for Mattei to sift through millions nearly 10 million emails and find the twelve emails that contained pornographic images, in merely week, Jones argued, is highly improbable unless the Democrat attorney planted emails containing criminal content.

“They get these emails a few weeks ago, and they go right to the FBI and say ‘we’ve got him on child porn.’ The FBI says, ‘he never opened it and he didn’t send it. And then they act like ‘oh they’re our friends, they’re not going to do anything with this, go to hell.’ I wasn’t born yesterday. I was born in the dark, but it wasn’t last night.”

“I’m so sick of their filth and living off the dead kids of Sandy Hook. I am going to get your ass. You’re not going to ever defeat Texas you sacks of shit,” Jones said, yelling into the camera. “I’m not into kids like your Democratic party, you cocksuckers I don’t like having sex with children, I would never have sex with children. I am so sick of their filth and their living off the dead kids of Sandy Hook. We all know who did it.”

Attorney Robert Barnes warned on Wednesday Infowars that media outlets will face libel suits for publishing the fake news about Jones.