Two years ago today, investigative journalist Laura Loomer captured the nation’s attention when she courageously disrupted the enactment of President Donald Trump’s assassination in the controversial production of ‘Julius Ceasar’ in Central Park.

The play, hosted by The New York City Public Theater, portrayed a dictator, with the intention of imitating Donald Trump, in a business suit with a long tie who gets knifed to death onstage.

Loomer took to the stage of the Delacorte Theater and interrupted the show, demanding the actors “stop the normalization of political violence against the right.”

“This is unacceptable. You cannot promote this kind of violence against Donald Trump,” Loomer shouted. “Shame on the New York City Public Theater for doing this.”

Loomer was eventually drowned out by boos from the audience and an announcer demanding she be removed off the premises.

As Loomer was escorted off the stage, conservative activist, Jack Posobeic, who is now a correspondent for One America News Network began shouting at the anti-Trump crowd.

“You are Goebbels, you are all Nazis like Joseph Goebbels,” he said, referring to a minister of propaganda in Nazi Germany, as he pointed at the audience. “You are inciting terrorists. The blood of Steve Scalise is on your hands.”  

The production enacting Trump’s assassination came days after Rep. Scalise was injured in a shooting in Virginia by a Bernie Sanders supporter. The shooter, who was killed by police, had a social media page that was inundated with criticism of the Trump administration and Republicans.

Loomer was placed under arrest and charged with disorderly conduct And trespassing, marking the first of her notable confrontations with left-wing activists. Loomer’s protest made history in that it was the first time a Conservative journalist had been arrested for disrupting a liberal venue and breaking the 4th wall of journalism in an effort to raise awareness about political violence.

Last April, Loomer confronted former FBI director James Comey’s book signing before being escorted from the event by security, warning he’s a “criminal” and “going to get locked up.”

In January, Loomer protested the Democrat Party’s opposition to Trump’s proposed southern border and their characterization of Trump’s wall as “immoral” by bringing a trio of self-described illegal immigrants to set up a “sanctuary” on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s lawn in California.

Loomer has since been banned from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pay Pal under the platforms’ policies against “dangerous individuals.”