Internal documents leaked from a whistleblower prove the Facebook is monitoring the offline behavior of its users to determine whether they should be categorized as a “Hate Agent.”

The document titled, “Hate Agent Policy Review,” obtained by Breitbart News from a Facebook insider, outlines a series of “signals” that Facebook uses to decide if an individual deserves to be categorized as a “hate agent” and banned from the platform.

Interviewing, praising or appearing alongside an individual Facebook considers a “dangerous” may ultimately lead to you being categorized as a “hate agent.”

Self-identifying with or advocating for a “Designated Hateful Ideology” or associating with a “Designated Hate Entity” could also result in you being banned from the platform for being a hate agent. Islam critic Tommy Robinson is referenced as a “hate entity” by Facebook, according to the document.

Facebook users who have “tattoos of hate symbols or hate slogans” are subject to being deemed as hate agents. While the documents reference no examples of hate symbols the anti-racism advocacy groups in conjunction with the mainstream media increasingly label innocuous items as ‘hate symbols,’ including a cartoon frog and the “OK” hand sign.”

The document warns Facebook, which has acquired massive amounts of information on what its users say publicly and privately, categorizes its users as hate agents for “statements made in private but later made public,” as is evidenced by the tech giant’s repeated privacy scandals since 2016.

Earlier this month, Facebook was exposed red-handed for compromising the personal information of one of its users. The left-leaning publication, The Daily Beast, doxed Shawn Brooks, a Trump-supporting black forklift driver for the alleged “crime” of creating a parody video of Democrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Facebook assisted the left-wing journalist with identifying the Trump supporter. The Daily Beast reporter confirmed Facebook gave him information on Brook’s activity on the platform.

“It’s conceivable that someone else actually edited the clip,” Daily Beast’s Kevin Poulsen wrote. “But a Facebook official, confirming a Daily Beast investigation, said the video was first posted on Politics WatchDog directly from Brooks’ personal Facebook account.”

Facebook categorizes “hate speech” into three tiers, whether its users are on or offline, according to the document:

Individual has made public statements, or statements made in private and later made public, using Tier 1, 2, or 3 hate speech or slurs:

3 instances in one statement or appearance = signal
5 instances in multiple statements or appearances over one month = signal

In May, Facebook removed a host of prominent conservative-leaning, Trump supporting media figures including Laura Loomer, Paul Joseph Watson, Alex Jones, and Milo Yiannopolous, citing its policies against “dangerous Individuals and Organizations” in its decision to ban the accounts.

Watson was banned from the platform, according to the document, for commending Tommy Robinson and interviewing him on his YouTube channel while Loomer was reportedly banned for defending Gavin McInnes.

One day after being banned by Facebook and designated as a “dangerous individual”, Loomer went to Facebook’s headquarter office in Silicon Valley to ask why she was banned. Facebook called the police on Loomer and told her she is never allowed to return to Facebook’s building.

Conservative pundit Candace Owens was also on the hate agent list.

While CEO Mark Zuckerberg has unveiled a re-branding effort highlighting the company’s commitment to protecting its users’ privacy, Facebook has also given major corporations access to user data without permission.

Laura Loomer