President Trump announced via Twitter on Wednesday morning that his re-election kickoff rally in Orlando, Florida had received 78,000 requests and counting for tickets. The Amway Center, where the rally is being held, can hold somewhere around 20,000 people total. That means that Downtown Orlando could be full of tens of thousands more Trump supporters looking for some way to watch the President’s rally or otherwise engage in fellowship with like-minded individuals.

That would make the President’s 2020 re-election kickoff rally in Downtown Orlando the largest ever campaign event in recent memory for a candidate for President if these numbers hold true.

In the past, Trump’s campaign has accommodated these overflows directly outside the venues where he has spoken, propping up inflatable screens that broadcast the speech from end-to-end. For security purposes, the United States Secret Service will be shutting down several major roads in the Downtown Orlando area during President Trump’s visit. It is possible that they are also doing so in order to provide the campaign a place to build out a temporary viewing area for the thousands of people who do not get to the venue early enough to snag a coveted seat inside the Amway Center.

Those who have been following our coverage are also aware of an alt-left rally being held a few blocks away from President Trump’s rally, which we have identified as having the potential to start violent confrontations with Trump supporters just minding their own business. Local alt-left journalists have also spent the past few weeks publishing content glorifying political violence and anti-Trump protesters have promised to “block entry” to the Amway Center. They have even fantasized about infiltrating parking garages in an effort to steal parking spots from Trump supporters and start confrontations around the entire Downtown Orlando area.

We have compiled a list of local alt-left journalists for you to watch out for, which can be found below.


With thousands upon thousands expected to be in the Downtown Orlando area without a seat inside the Amway Center to see President Trump speak, the Central Florida area could be bracing for a night of confrontations initiated by the violent alt-left.

Laura Loomer and I will be on site with hundreds of patriots reporting on the President’s kickoff rally, and patrolling the Downtown Orlando area to document any violent behavior and to make sure people remain safe.

Feel free to call or text Jacob at 231-360-1411 with any alerts or tips. As always, please be safe and have your phone or other recording device ready at all times!

Jacob Engels