Online censorship appears to be far more extreme than anyone could have imagined. And it’s all directed towards conservatives.

Gavin McInnes, one of the founders of the digital media outlet VICE magazine and the founder of the Proud Boys, a conservative men’s group, has been suspended from YouTube. He’s been banned from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Paypal and listed as a “Nazi” and “White Supremacist” by the Left-wing media.

The FBI’s accidental labeling of the Proud Boys as an extremist group, fueled the tech giants decision to remove McInnes from their platforms.

But, Silicon Valley and mainstream media’s attempt to silence McInnes have failed.

You can now tune into McInnes’ show on his new site: FreeSpeech.TV.

The left’s attempt to silence and censor are futile, McInnes warns.

“In the name of fighting hate, one side of the political spectrum has completely silenced the other. It’s not about fighting bigotry. It’s about controlling the narrative. Well, we’ve been through this before and we know how to fight. We’re not going anywhere,” he said.

FreeSpeech.TV will prove Americans on both sides of the political spectrum have more in common and are not as polarized as the mainstream media propagandizes us to believe, Mcinness argued.

“The goal of FreeSpeech.TV is to bring PROgressive and CONservatives together to see what they have in common. I’m not buying this polarization,” he said.  “It’s a media fabricated myth. So far, we’ve brought Milo to Cornel West and Marc Lamont Hill to Roger Stone. This is, of course, only the beginning.”

Free speech is a frequent topic for the former CRTV show host, who in a radio interview with Glenn Beck in August explained why its imperative “voices should be heard.”

“You need to fight for uncomfortable speech. And if you have faith in humanity and faith in human beings and think we’re all inherently good deep down, then you want the truth out. Sunlight is the best disinfectant; let’s discuss it. But the Left doesn’t want that because they’re socialists, they want to control the narrative, and they want to control people.”

In October, Facebook purged all accounts associated with the Proud Boys, including founder McInnes, while McInnes was also banned from Twitter in August.

YouTube stated that they chose to remove McInnes from their platform because his channel exceeded the threshold for copyright strikes. As a result, McInnes was deemed a “repeat offender” and banned from the platform.

Speaking to the Gateway Pundit, McInnes stated: “YouTube was the last place I had to defend myself. It’s all part of a concerted effort to completely deplatform me.”

McInnes is also waging a legal battle against the Southern Poverty Law Center. He is suing the SPLC for defamation and tortious interference with economic advantage. McInnes also wants a court order stopping the SPLC and its employees from referring to him as someone connected to a hate group.

The SPLC, once a widely respected civil rights organization, has smeared conservatives and conservative organizations that it falsely designates as “hate groups” merely for holding mainstream views that differ with those of the radical left.

McInnes isn’t the first person smeared by the SPLC to pursue legal action against the organization. In 2018, the SPLC issued an apology and a $3.4 million settlement payout over listing British political activist Maajid Nawaz after misidentifying him as an “anti-Muslim extremist.” In January, the anti-immigrant Center for Immigration Studies filed a racketeering lawsuit against the SPLC over its own hate group designation.

In 2012, a crazed leftist used the SPLC’s “hate map” in an attempted mass shooting at the Family Research Council in Washington, DC. The FRC was on the list for supporting traditional marriage. In 2015, it apologized for including Ben Carson on its list of extremists.

Despite these apparent, destructive errors, mainstream media and wealthy corporations continued to treat the SPLC as a legitimate organization — and often partnered with the SPLC to blacklist conservative groups and individuals.

In November, the FBI classified the Proud Boys as an “extremist group with ties to white nationalism,” sourcing “a document produced by Washington state law enforcement,” prompting McInnes to announce he was “officially disassociating” himself the group. The bureau has since stated that the extremist label was a misunderstanding, noting in December that it only considers individuals within the group to be extremist.