In an article which further displays the Left’s distorted reality, Huffington Post’s piece titled: “Like ISIS Before Them, Far-Right Extremists Are Migrating To Telegram” accuses deplatformed conservatives like myself of being just like ISIS.


Honing in on those like myself who have been deplatformed and segregated to the back of society’s digital bus like a lazy vulture, Huff Post “Senior World News Reporter” Nick Robins-Early related the move censored conservatives made to the encrypted messaging app “Telegram” out of necessity, to the use of Telegram by the header choppers in ISIS

Essentially, Huffington Post is suggesting that I am a terrorist for wanting my voice to be heard. 

“Telegram is, in many ways, a natural next step for Loomer and those who share her views,” Mr. Robins-Early opined.

“White nationalists and conspiracy theorists increasingly face the same problem that plagued ISIS supporters just a few years ago: platforms cracking down on extremism amid public and political pressure,” Mr. Robins-Early continued. “Many high-profile members of the far-right have therefore turned to Telegram, just as ISIS militants did after being thrown off major social media networks.”

Huffington Post’s article is nothing but koolaid catnip for anti-MAGA ambulance chasers on the Left who truly believe that Conservatives are worse than ISIS. When exposed to common sense, the comparison falls patently on its face.

First off, does the author of this propaganda not realize that I was literally banned from every single social media platform for tirelessly condemning the barbarism of ISIS and other Islamic terrorist organizations? 

On November 1, 2017, I was banned by ride share apps Uber and Lyft after I tweeted about how Uber hired an ISIS terrorist who used a truck to kill 8 people in New York City in an act of vehicular jihad on Halloween. 

How come the focus was on banning me, a pro-Trump Jewish Conservative journalist, as opposed to putting pressure on Uber and Lyft to improve their hiring processes so that ISIS terrorists aren’t hired? 

If you think that was a one time incident, think again. There have been multiple instances of Uber and Lyft hiring Islamic terrorists who have killed passengers, used cars to commit acts of terror, raped women, kicked Jewish passengers out of their vehicles, and recently, one of their drivers, a Somlai Muslim immigrant, was convicted of heinous war crimes.

Read about it here

Secondly, as the author clearly understands, unless his recent piece on WikiLeaks’ Founder Julian Assange was ghost written, the “high-profile members of the far-right” who now utilize Telegram do so out of pursuit of press freedom, not as means of inciting terror and violence. 


Lastly, does the author not realize that some of the legitimate White Supremacist organizations which he noted are operating on Telegram hate people like me for being Jewish? Ironically, so does ISIS. According to Dr. Bill Warner, a world renowned scholar on Islamic studies, there is more Jew hatred in the Quran than in Hitler’s Mein Kampf! 

So, again…. can someone please explain to me how I, as a Zionist woman, a patriotic American, and loyal Trump supporter am just like ISIS, an Islamic terrorist organization that would love noting more than to murder a young Jewish American woman like myself?

The truth is, Telegram is simply a calm harbor away from a brewing global storm, where digital exiles for truth have moored their ships as they resupply for the long censorship voyage ahead.

The creators of Telegram never planned for the platform to become an alleged safe haven for terrorists and white supremacists, but giving terrorists a platform doesn’t seem to be of concern to the selectively outraged author, who failed to mention that Facebook and Twitter are actively platforming Islamic terrorist organizations like ISIS, HAMAS, and the Muslim Brotherhood.

In fact, after banning several high profile conservatives from Facebook and Instagram on May 2, 2019, accusing them of being “dangerous individuals”, Facebook was caught supporting ISIS propaganda by allowing the Islamic terrorist organization to use Facebook for recruitment.

In a complaint submitted to the Securities and Exchange Commission, a whistle blower alleged that Facebook has been auto generating video propaganda for ISIS and is failing to remove blatantly obvious ISIS symbols, including profile banners of the ISIS flag.

Where is Huffington Post?


It appears as though Huffington Post is more focused on getting Conservatives banned on every single social media platform than they are about the fact that real “dangerous individuals” like members of the above listed terrorist organizations are openly communicating on Twitter and Facebook with ***verified accounts***.


Yes, we now live in a society where Left wing reporters like Mr. Robins-Early believe that it’s acceptable for a jewish Conservative journalist like myself to have my blue verification check mark removed by Twitter while the Muslim Brotherhood, a terrorist organization, gets to keep their verification and continue using Twitter for the sake of promoting terrorism and Sharia Law!

On November 21, 2018, I was banned on Twitter for saying Ilhan Omar, who has ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, is “anti-Jewish”.

For that factual statement, I was banned and branded as a “neo-nazi” and “digital terrorist” by the media. Meanwhile, the media doesn’t seem to want to report on the fact that tech executives are literally taking meetings with Islamic terrorists.

Screen Shot 2019-06-08 at 9.57.18 AM

Are Trump supporters more dangerous than ISIS terrorists?

It all depends on who you ask…

Shocking, I know. 

The answer is yes, according to the tech tyrants in Silicon Valley who have chosen to implement Silicon Valley Sharia instead of upholding American values of free speech and freedom of the press, as outlined in the United States Constitution. 

If Huffington Post is concerned about ISIS using social media, how come they haven’t reported on the fact that I am suing Twitter and the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) for their role in deplatforming me?

The Council On American Islamic Relations (CAIR), which has been designated as an Islamic terrorist organization in the United Arab Emirates and was found to have supported HAMAS during the Holy Land Foundation terrorism trial, is still on Twitter. Not only do many of CAIR’s employees have verified Twitter accounts, but as reported by the Wall Street Journal in January, Twitter and Facebook executives met with CAIR officials who lobbied the social media giants to ban me for my reports that exposed Islamic terror activity in the US, and CAIR’s endorsed candidates, including Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib.

I am also suing CAIR-FL, whose director, Hassan Shibly, is currently serving as the legal counsel for Hoda Muthana, an Alabama woman who joined ISIS, but now wants to return to the United States.

Not only are CAIR and Shibly working to bring a dangerous ISIS terrorist back into the United States, but Shibly is now suing the Trump administration to allow Muthana to return, after President Trump said she would be barred from entering the United States.

What type of demented, deranged monster would work to ensure that an ISIS terrorist be allowed back into the United States where she could harm and kill innocent Americans?

An employee of CAIR. That’s who. The same people who Jack Dorsey and his minions at Twitter met with to ban me. 

I am literally being targeted by jihadists, terrorist organizations, and defenders of ISIS who are taking to Twitter to celebrate and brag about the fact that they are getting me banned and causing me pain, financial ruin, and interpersonal suffering by being completely shut off from the digital public square, which I need to have access to in order to complete my job as a journalist in the modern digital era.  

Huffington Post doesn’t seem to care about this egregious assault against me that is now endangering my life and personal safety. Neither do Jack Dorsey and Mark Zuckerberg, two of the richest and most powerful men in the world who have facilitated this vicious attack I am facing as a 26 year old woman who is still paying off my student loans from college. A 26 year old woman who has goals and aspirations of having a successful journalism career and media company. A 26 year old Jewish woman who now has to worry every single day about being attacked or killed by Islamic terrorist organizations and their cohorts at CAIR. 

How can Huffington Post say that I am just like ISIS when I have been banned on nearly every single social media platform for speaking out against Islamic terror? 

In April, I sued Twitter and CAIR for their role in deplatforming me. Read my legal complaint and support my lawsuit at FreeLoomer.com

If Mr. Robins-Early is such an advocate for freedom of the press, when will he advocate for my first amendment rights as an American journalist? He has never reported on the fact that I am now banned on every single social media platform, and even had my access to my online banking at Chase Bank suspended for being Conservative, or the fact that I am banned on PayPal while CAIR, a terrorist organization is still allowed to carry out financial transactions and raise money on PayPal. 

Screen Shot 2019-06-08 at 10.02.23 AM

Does Mr. Robins-Early truly believe that it’s acceptable for executives at Twitter and Facebook to take meetings with Islamic terrorist organizations that seek to undermine the First Amendment and replace it with Islamic blasphemy laws as a means to control all online speech?

Perhaps Mr. Robins-Early and his comrades on the Left should take some time off and visit the Telegram founders on the Caribbean Island of Saint Kitts and Nevis, where they fled communist tyranny to give our generation one last bastion of free thinking and communication.

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