The Daily Caller has reported that Google recently terminated a top engineer turned whistle-blower over company policies that unfairly targeted conservative content. Mike Wacker was put on administrative leave, just days after he wrote an op-ed exposing the “outrage mobs” and “witch-hunts” running rampant within the tech-giant, which is currently facing anti-trust action from the Trump administration.

“The day before his suspension, Wacker went on Fox Business to discuss the company’s anti-conservative bias, telling Trish Regan, “You don’t know what’s going to offend somebody next and a lot of time they are going to HR over these trivial things.”

A $1.7billion anti-trust penalty is being pursued by the federal government against Google, who has engaged in blatant censorship of conservative voices, while allowing alt-left content calling for violence to remain on their platform.

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Jacob Engels