De-platform, de-bank, dehumanize. These three words should become known as the THREE Ds of big tech tyranny that seek to destroy the lives of anyone brave enough to stand against radical Islamists, the left wing agenda, and anything that threatens American values and Western Civilization. Simply showing support for the President of the United States has become a ban worthy offense among the technocrats, who see themselves as Gods on earth who have the right to determine what should be spoken and what we have the right to listen to and read.

Over the past few weeks, the war against free speech and the right to question the dangerous anti-American ideologies present in today’s Democrat party and mainstream media landscape has truly reached a tipping point that is about to explode. Facebook targeted Alex Jones, Laura Loomer, Paul Joseph Watson and Milo Yiannopoulos for permanent deletion from their platforms. They also banned Louis Farrakhan. Worse yet, they have made it a literal thought crime to post links in support of these individuals, proclaiming that you will indeed be permanently banned and un-personed from all social media platforms if you do so.

Noted Jewish scholar David Horowitz was recently banned from Twitter for the thought crime of calling out elected member of Congress, rabid Jew hater Ilhan Omar. You see, on Facebook and Twitter, it is completely acceptable to call for the death of the President, you’re allowed to say death to all Jews and promote violence against anyone to the right of Karl Marx. But if you dare have the gall to question the alt-left or any of their allies in the media or elected office, YOU ARE BANNED.

And it doesn’t stop there. Once they deplatform you, they come after your livelihood. They use the fake news reports about you being involved in hate groups or peddling in hate speech to harass the banks or financial platforms you use and need to earn a living and keep your cash. You can’t fight back and now you can’t even have access to a bank account. Without access to money, how does one pay their bills? If someone is severely defamed to the point where they become unemployable, how do they survive?

The answer is, they don’t. The Left hates President Trump so much that they literally want all of his supporters to be silenced, broke, and homeless.

They want you dead.

Bright Eyes frontman Conor Oberst, a noted leftist who is referred to as the Bob Dylan of our generation, once famously sung in his 2005 hit “Light Pollution” that “your as good as dead without a bank account,” and he is absolutely right.

That brings us to the final stage of the Left’s wicked plan. It’s reminiscent of the tactics used by the East German Police in post-war Germany all the way through the end of the Cold War. The Stasi started off by using extremely brutal physical techniques of interrogation and harassment on their targets in the aftermath of WW2. However, even this band of former Nazis realized that those type of methods had their limits.

So, they pioneered a particular style of psychological warfare against their targets. They discredited their enemies publicly with bogus accusations of corruption, deviancy or other forms of criminality. Once they had ruined their reputation, they could ensure that their victims could not mount a worthwhile defense of their character. Essentially, they ruined their ability to earn a living and shamed them to a point where financial institutions would refuse to do business with them.

As if that wasn’t enough, the next step would be to send fabricated photos purporting to show you in an affair or some type of depraved sexual act to your spouse. Many East Germans were forced to suicide as a result of these tactics, others gave in and became assets or agents of the vicious state security apparatus. They were completely DEHUMANIZED.

These same tactics are being utilized in present by the Left. The Left’s end goal is to totally dehumanize conservatives, Trump supporters and protectors of the Jewish people or state of Israel. We must do something and we must do something quickly. We cannot afford to wait on President Trump to act. We must get angry and take action, or else we will lose our country at the hands of this lethal unholy red-green alliance between the communists and jihadists who seek to destroy America from within.

Otherwise, we will be unable to physically and mentally sustain ourselves in the coming war for America. Fighting back is all we will have left and we must get down in the gutter with the enemies of free speech if we plan on having any modicum of success.

Jacob Engels