On April 30, 2019, I rented a projector and projected the names of every prominent Conservative who has been banned by Twitter onto the $10 MILLION home of Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey.

I also projected my hashtag #StopTheBias, which President Trump himself has tweeted in response to the censorship of his supporters on Twitter. Jack Dorsey told Rolling Stone Magazine that he “loves protest and activists”, and that he respects me for fighting for what I think is right. Since Dorsey loves protest so much, I took the protest straight to his house, projected my message onto his wall, effectively making his wall my own social media wall.

As you may recall, on November 21, 2018, I was permanently banned by Twitter for calling Rep. Ilhan Omar “anti Jewish”. Before my ban, and even after my ban, many more conservatives have been banned on Twitter. Two days after I went to Jack Dorsey’s house, I was banned on Facebook and Instagram, and labeled as a “dangerous person”, a terrorist. Others who were banned include Milo Yiannopoulos, Alex Jones, and Paul Joseph Watson.

I have not committed a crime. My only crime is that I am a Conservative Jewish woman. I am now banned on every single social media platform and have been banned from making a living in America simply because of my politics. I went to Facebook today and confronted them in Silicon Valley about why they banned me and labeled me a terrorist.

1984 is here.

To demonstrate how conservatives are being sentenced to a digital gulag, I ended my protest at midnight, marking Holocaust Remembrance Day, May 1, 2019.

Watch the video here, since Jack Dorsey deleted all traces of if online and banned my fan club as an act of retaliation.

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Laura Loomer is a conservative investigative journalist and activist. Originally from Arizona, Laura began her career working as an undercover journalist for Project Veritas from 2015-2017. She covers politics, anti-Semitism, immigration, terrorism, the Islamification of the West, and voter fraud. Loomer’s investigations have been broadcasted on every major national mainstream media outlet in the United States, as well as many international publications.

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