On Tuesday I rented a projector and staked out a home in San Francisco until the sun went down.

As soon as it was pitch black, I flipped on the projector, turned on my speakers and projected the names of conservatives who have been silenced by Twitter onto the garage door of Jack Dorsey’s home.

Jack is the CEO of Twitter and has had the ability to offer a fair platform for political speech . . . but he doesn’t.

Conservatives like me are banned, yet members of the Muslim Brotherhood? Yep, they spew their propaganda at will.

That’s why I’ve sued Twitter and the Muslim group that influences them, CAIR while continuing these protests.

It’s also why I need your continued support.

I’ve spent the week in San Francisco with a camera crew to speak at a Free Speech rally and track down Jack Dorsey . . . and I have a few other things planned.

This week has been terribly expensive and with all of the costs and support, I’m up to $9,800 in bills.  Please donate to help offset my costs and keep me going.

But as I was planning my stake out of Jack Dorsey’s house, something significant happened.

The Trump Administration announced its intent to designate the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization.

The implications of that are profound.

First, that associates CAIR with not just the terrorist group HAMAS, but according to FBI, CAIR also has significant ties to the Muslim Brotherhood.

Second, as soon as President Trump makes that designation, Twitter will be in violation of Title 18 of the U.S. Code that prohibits providing material support or resources to designated foreign terrorist organizations.

But here’s the deal . . . Twitter is already aiding terrorism by allowing accounts supporting HAMAS to operate freely.

HAMAS has been on the Department of State’s terrorist list since 1997!

In the eyes of Jack Dorsey, it appears that I, and the countless other conservatives who have been silenced on his platform are the terrorists.

Yet the people who literally grab AK-47’s, knives and even rocks, to kill other human beings because they disagree with their religious views are free to gather, communicate, and recruit on one the world’s largest digital platforms.

But back to last night . . . 

As I was in the middle of my “Livestream from Jack’s house” the Periscope account belonging to the Laura Loomer Fan Club and their Twitter account were terminated!

To do the world a favor, tomorrow night I should dress up like a terrorist and carry a Muslim Brotherhood flag while broadcasting from Jack’s house . . . and maybe they’ll finally ban terrorists!

But let’s face it, that won’t happen.

Our best course of action right now is to take on Twitter and CAIR in the courts and force fairness and accountability over twisted political agendas.

You can support me and my work by clicking here . . . and say tuned for my video of last night’s broadcast.

Laura Loomer

Ps: Before leaving Jack’s house, I left him a copy of my lawsuit, a red #StopTheBias hat, and a Free Loomer t-shirt. You can get your own hat and shirt here!

Laura Loomer