Under two months away from the third year anniversary of the radical Islamic terrorist attack on innocent club-goers at Orlando’s Pulse nightclub, members of the “Make America Great Again” movement created by President Trump should mark their calendars and make time to pay their respects this summer on June 12th.

Ever since the horrific mass-shooting was carried out by jihadist Omar Mateen, who pledged to ISIS, progressives and alt-left Democrats have been using the tragedy to spread hateful lies about conservatives. They have also purposefully neglected to acknowledge the role that Islam had in the murderous rampage, opting instead to describe it simply as a mass-shooting in order to push their anti-American gun control measures that seek to wipe the 2nd amendment from our constitution.

On the second year anniversary of the shooting, I helped lead a dozen members of the Proud Boys and pro-Trump conservatives in a march to the memorial where we placed a custom arrangement of flowers in the shape of a pulse at the base of the temporary memorial that was being visited by several hundred people. Having announced our effort several weeks prior, we faced a shocking number of death threats and hateful comments by local Democrats and violent alt-left groups that were frightened people might see the MAGA movement as a group of compassionate people who care about our fellow human.

Instead, they stoked fear in the days leading up to the anniversary. They promised to rape me with a lead pipe and commit savage acts of violence against anyone who joined me. This is exactly why we must gather by the dozens, if not hundreds again this year to show the general public that Trump supporters and members of the MAGA movement are not the bigoted monsters the mainstream media falsely claims we are. They want us to be these mythical LGBT hating horde of backwood idiots, but it couldn’t be further from the truth.

In fact, it was a Republican legislature that recently approved an additional $500,000 in taxpayer funds to go towards a long-standing permanent memorial that the onePulse foundation hopes to have complete by the summer of 2022. It’s the MAGA movement that is not afraid to stand up to radical Islam and their agents of destruction in this country. Candidate Donald Trump was the first candidate for President of the United States to ever display the LGBT flag on stage at a rally. He appointed the first openly gay ambassador. And we stand firm in our belief that a well-armed populace who exercise their 2nd amendment rights legally are the real key to preventing mass-shootings or acts of gun violence.

We are also not afraid to highlight the disgusting anti-American behavior from Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib, two freshmen members of Congress openly spouting jihadi talking points. Our movement does this because it’s the duty of all patriotic Americans to stand up to the scourge of radical Islam. We do it because we know that a majority of Islam, in the United States and abroad, virulently hates women, the Jewish people, the Christian people, and the LGBT community. They are subject to vile treatment often resulting in severe maiming or death under Sharia Law.

Showing up to the Pulse memorial is partly about showing our solidarity with the families of the victims of the radical Islamic attack by a dedicated jihadist that left 49 people dead. They need the support of every compassionate person willing to show up. However, it must also be about reminding the world what actually happened, instead of it being pushed off as a result of “gun violence.” The other side uses each anniversary to push gun control propaganda, but their refusal to acknowledge the attack as an attack of terrorism by an Islamist is even more concerning.

Rabid anti-Semite Ilhan Omar, a Congresswoman from the “Little Mogadishu” area of Minnesota that is infested with terror tied Islamist training centers, recently said that 9/11 was the result of “some people did something.”

On June 12th, 2019, the third anniversary of the terrorist attack at Pulse, we must force the community to acknowledge that it was not the result of “some people doing something.”


To ignore or hide such facts is to openly encourage people to commit similar acts with greater intensity. We can’t let that happen.

Jacob Engels