In another act of brainwashing and left-wing propaganda, Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) will be speaking at a Minnesota middle school on Friday, and parents are reportedly not allowed to attend the speech.

According to an email sent by a concerned parent:

“Ilhan Omar is coming to speak at St. Anthony Village Middle School on Friday, April 26, at 1pm. These are 6-8th graders, 11-13 years of age.”

The mother said that the school has set strict guidelines for attendance. 

“The school says this is an optional event for students and they need parent’s permission to attend,” she said. “However, parents are NOT allowed to attend with their children. The School Board believes it is a good idea to bring someone like Ilhan Omar in to teach Minnesota’s students about diversity and complexity in our society.”

Police will reportedly be on scene to make sure that parents and the press cannot attend.

Why are educators allowing a terror tied Congresswoman who is mostly known for downplaying 9/11 and being a massive Jew hater to speak to young children?

If you want to tell the school to keep politics out of the classroom, and if you oppose allowing Jew haters and ISIS supporters like Omar to indoctrinate innocent children, you can contact St. Anthony Middle School and file a complaint.

Interim Principal: akujawski@stanthony.k12mn.us

Call St. Anthony Middle School 612-701-1030

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