Just moments ago, Laura Loomer was banned by CPAC, the yearly Conservative Political Action Conference. As Loomer handed her badge to security for access to Donald Trump’s live speech, security restricted her and further revoked her media license. CPAC security refused to tell Loomer why this was happening, and would only tell her that she was banned from CPAC.

CPAC’s abrupt ban of Loomer has baffled her, as the evening prior, Loomer had dined with @katrinapierson, Trump’s 2020 campaign senior adviser. Earlier to that, Loomer met Donald Trump Jr., who took one of Loomer’s #STOPTHEBIAS hats.

The reasons for Loomer CPAC ban are still unclear, as CPAC continues to evade telling her why, though they are aware Loomer is one of Trump’s biggest supporters.

Is it possible the ban rolled into motion from @jaredholt’s questioning?

Though some are suspicious of Loomer’s intentions, many are outraged at her ban, including political influencer CJ Pearson:

The story is still developing and will be updated as it unfolds.