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Laura Loomer Protesting Social Media Bias of Conservatives at Twitter’s NYC HQ

Date: (February 20, 2019)

Time: 8am to 1pm EST.

Location: Twitter HQ 249 W 17th St, New York, NY, 10011

(New York, NY) — Laura Loomer planned a protest for big tech censorship of Conservatives by holding a physical protest at Twitter’s New York City headquarter Office, and by organizing a 48 hour social media blackout.

(More Info At DemandFreeSpeech.com).

In a video invite, Loomer encouraged people to join the protest at Twitter HQ with her, by saying, “Every single day, conservatives on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter are being shut down, silenced, and completely de-platformed and demonetized simply because they support President Donald Trump.”

“I am inviting you to partake in a protest with me on February 20, in front of Twitter’s headquarter office in New York City.” she continued. “Stand with me as we combat and fight back against social media bias of conservatives. This isn’t just about me. This is about all of us.”

Along with the protest, Loomer planned a social media blackout called The #48Dark – a 48 hour social media blackout in protest to stand in solidarity with those who have been banned by Big Tech. For the #48Dark social media blackout, Loomer asked people to log off of Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter from midnight on Feb. 18 to midnight on Feb 19.

In these two planned events, Loomer finished her video invitation with, “Together, we can stop the bias.”

Previous to the planned protest and social media blackout, Loomer was permanently banned from Twitter on November 21, 2018 for calling Congresswoman Ilhan Omar “anti-Jewish”. At the time of her ban, Loomer, who is a Conservative investigative journalist, had 265,000 followers!

Read Loomer’s full statement about being banned HERE.

The protest was a success, given that while the protest was taking place, Donald Trump Jr took to Twitter and Instagram to talk about social media bias, and then followed Loomer on Instagram the next day. Donald Trump Jr. released a statement regarding his followers being censored and banned on Instagram:

Donald Trump Jr.’s Twitter Post on His Followers Being Censored

Kimberly Guilfoyle’s Follow-Up to Trump Jr.’s Twitter Post

The #48 Dark social media blackout and protest at Twitter HQs was carried out on Tuesday, February 20, 2019. Loomer led the social media protest with Adrienna DiCioccio in an effort to bring awareness to the political censorship carried out by monopolistic social media companies like Facebook and Twitter.

Loomer and DiCioccio were joined by approximately 50 protesters throughout the day, including DiCioccio’s aunt and father. The protesters shouted through a mega phone at the Twitter building from across 17th Street, calling Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey a liar, and accused him of perjuring himself during his Congressional testimony in September.

Loomer then joined Owen Shroyer on “The War Room” to give an update from her most recent protest of Twitter’s bias and censorship of Conservatives.

You can see the full interview HERE.

If you want to stand with Laura in this #StopTheBias movement, you can show your support by ordering your #StopTheBias Twitter Tee Here.

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