Today Roger Stone was indicted on 7 counts in Mueller’s witch hunt.

The FBI raided Roger’s home at 6 am in Fort Lauderdale, FL and CNN was tipped off to record BEFORE the FBI arrived. CNN doesn’t even have a bureau in Fort Lauderdale so it’s obvious CNN had a lot of notice prior to Roger’s arrest because they had a CNN news crew outside his home before the FBI knocked on the door. CNN was the only news outlet there at the time of the raid.

How did CNN know that the FBI was raiding Roger Stone’s House? They were clearly tipped off before the FBI even arrived. They would have had to set up their camera and News truck.

This is such a fake news setup, and they aren’t even trying to hide it.


Roger is one of my mentors and friends. I love him to death. We must fight for him.

I just donated to the Roger Stone Legal Defense Fund.

I ask you to please support Roger, too.

We need to help him.

Donate to the Roger Stone Defense Fund HERE.

Thank you.