“Far-right political activist Laura Loomer was among the crowd on hand to watch the commission meeting. Before the meeting, Lima-Taub called Loomer up to the front of the room and embraced her.”

Lmao they call me far right because I am ALWAYS RIGHT.

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“Lima-Taub’s group of supporters also included controversial Internet personality Laura Loomer, who was recently kicked off Twitter for anti-Muslim comments and has been banned from Uber and Lyft for complaining that she couldn’t find a non-Muslim driver.

“I’m already taking BS for you,” said Lima-Taub before hugging Loomer prior to the meeting. Loomer had called out her supporters to Hallandale Beach in a Facebook post Tuesday.

“ATTENTION IF YOU LIVE IN FLORIDA!!!!” Loomer wrote. “We need back up to protest a Jihadi mob.”

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