New York City, NY

Laura Loomer has been working to expose the anti-Semetic and anti-American sympathies of the Islamic organizers of the Women’s March for over a year. This past fall, Loomer confronted actress Alyssa Milano, a friend and advocate of the March at the time. Over a year ago, Loomer confronted notorious Jew hater and terror sympathizer Linda Sarsour about her blatant anti-Jewish and anti-Israel remarks.

Only one week after being confeonted by Loomer. Milano separated herself from the March and disavowed Sarsour, noting the March has problematic leadership and anti-Jewish sympathies that needed to be addressed.

Today, at the New York City gathering of the Women’s March, Loomer took to the stage as a concerned citizen, Jewish American woman, and journalist.

“The Women’s March does not represent Jewish people. The Women’s March is the real Nazi march. The Women’s March hates Jews,” Loomer shouted into the mic on the main stage as security approached her and escorted her off the stage to cheers from the crowd.

Video of Loomer storming the stage has gone viral on social media and is dominating headlines about the Women‘s March.

Loomer continues to stand up to liberal bullies and voice the concerns of conservative America.

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