MINNEAPOLIS – A second woman has accused Minnesota Rep. Keith Ellison( D-MN) of domestic violence, and a 911 report supports the woman’s accusation.

This weekend, a woman by the name of Karen Monahan accused Ellison, currently a candidate for attorney general in Minnesota, of being physically and verbally abusive towards her. The allegations were posted on Twitter by Monahan, and were also posted on Facebook by her son Austin Monahan, in a post that has now gone viral. Monahan took to Twitter over the weekend in a series of tweets to support her son’s post about the assault.

Following Monahan’s allegations, another woman by the name of Amy Alexander also claimed that Ellison had abused her during a 2005 relationship. While Monahan didn’t provide any evidence of the domestic assault, there is evidence to support the second woman’s claims.

The caller’s name on the report has been redacted, but according to a records search under the name of “Amy Alexander”, Alexander lived at 1403 Washington St NE, Minneapolis, Minnesota, which is the address on the reports, which documents the reported assault as taking place on May 16, 2005 at 21:17:25, which would be 9:17:25 pm.

Underneath the location noted on the report, the report says,


Keith Ellison is currently 55 years old. The age of the Keith Ellison noted in the police report from 2005 says the accused was a 41-year-old black male, another fact that supports Alexander’s claim.

Amy Alexander is a Democrat activist who said she was having an affair with Ellison. In 2006, she wrote an article called “Coming Out Of The Dark: Breaking The Silence About The Anointed Candidate. The article was published by the Wright County Republican .

In the article, Alexander says her affair with Ellison began in 1993, while he was still married to Kim Ellison. Alexander said her relationship with Ellison went downhill, which prompted her to move out of state.

According to Alexander, her on and off relationship with Ellison continued in 2004, but it quickly ended in May 2005, when she claims Ellison arrived at her house uninvited and assaulted her, causing her to call 911 and report the domestic assault.

“In May, Keith wanted to try and quiet me so he came to my home uninvited,” Alexander wrote. “We had words. His anger kicked in. He berated me. He grabbed me and pushed me out of the way. I was terrified. I called the police. As he fled he broke my screen door. I have never been so scared.”

When Monahan’s claims of assault surfaced over the weekend, Ellison denied the assault on Sunday, but confirmed that he did have a relationship with her.

Karen Monahan’s son, wrote in his Facebook post on Saturday that his mom had “come out of pure hell after getting out of her relationship” with Ellison. Austin also claimed that in mid-2017 he discovered a video and dozens of text and Twitter messages between his mother and Ellison that he claims show the Minnesota lawmaker physically and verbally abusing his mother.

Ellison, who is currently the deputy chair of the Democratic National Committee, and has been since 2017, denied the existence of the video on Sunday.

“Karen and I were in a long-term relationship which ended in 2016, and I still care deeply for her well-being,” Ellison said in a statement to CBS Minnesota. “I never behaved this way, and any characterization otherwise is false.”

Karen Monahan and Rep. Keith Ellison

While Ellison denied Monahan’s claims, the newly obtained 911 record which documents a domestic assault call made by Alexander in 2005 suggests Ellison was dishonest when he said he “never behaved this way”, and begs the question if there are more women who will be coming forward with claims of domestic assault at the hands of Rep. Ellison. Two women have come forward as of now.

According to Alexander’s story, Ellison took out a restraining order against her one month after the alleged domestic assault. In September 2006, over one year later, Alexander says she filed a petition for a restraining order against Ellison after she said she felt like Ellison’s attorney was harassing her.

“It was the harassment from Ellison’s attorney that caused my fear to reignite,” Alexander wrote. “Ellison is a man on a quest for power and national prominence; A man with deep ties to some pretty scary people. I feared for my life and for the safety of my daughter.”

Ellison has served as the representative for Minnesota’s 5th Congressional District since 2007, and is currently the Deputy Chair of the Democrat National Committee. He was also the first Muslim to be elected to Congress. Earlier this year, he announced that he would not be running for re-election because he was instead campaigning to become Minnesota’s next Attorney General. Although he is running to become Attorney General, Ellison does not have an active attorney’s license.

The Minnesota Primary is today, August 14, and it is unknown whether or not Ellison will drop out of the race for Minnesota Attorney General with the newly released 911 record.

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