For all the talk about the Trump campaign colluding with Russia with zero evidence to support these erroneous allegations, the media has been silent on the war being waged in North America on our own soil. Silicon Valley controls social media and revenue streams that independent journalists, content creators, filmmakers and podcast channels use to supplement their income. The most recent display of overreach comes as the elites in tech have targeted Canadian Independent Journalist, Faith Goldy, who had her PayPal suspended as of July 16th, 2018. Faith tweeted, “Aaaaand I just got banned from PayPal… Thanks to those who were in my corner there. You can find me here.”

By now you’re probably asking yourself, Faith must have really done something atrocious for PayPal, a former eBay subsidiary to cut ties with the Canadian Journalist. Her crime you ask? PayPal cited but one video titled, Faith Goldy Defends Saying ‘The 14 Words’. The video was a direct response to Faith being banned from the crowd funding platform Patreon. Where Faith participated in a social experiment into the double standards she believes white people face across the world. In the video the 14 words, we must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children, was used as an example to show how people would react if you took out the word white, replaced it with any other ethnicity or race and people would not find this the least bit offensive. Within 20 minutes from conducting her experiment the Canadian Journalist had gathered a slew of signatures.

In an article by The Washington Post, titled ‘PayPal escalates the tech industry’s war on white supremacy’ on August 16th, 2017 they cite an official statement made by PayPal. “Intolerance can take on a range of on-line and off-line forms, across a wide array of content and language,” the company wrote. “It is with this backdrop that PayPal strives to navigate the balance between freedom of expression and open dialogue — and the limiting and closing of sites that accept payments or raise funds to promote hate, violence and intolerance.” The company goes more in depth, but multiple news outlets chose to specifically target white supremacists.

After doing some digging I discovered that PayPal allows CAIR short for Council on American-Islamic Relations in San Francisco, to operate a ‘fundraiser’ on their money exchange platform. In 2014 the United Arab Emirates listed CAIR as a terrorist group, for their role in funding terrorist cells overseas. CAIR has direct ties to HAMAS, whom is listed as a terrorist organization by the United States and quite a few International Governments. If PayPal was serious about closing the door on groups they claim to promote hate, violence, and intolerance, why are they allowing an organization that has direct ties with groups that engage in international terrorism to collect donations on their platform?

Silicon Valley has made it abundantly clear; Conservatives who love their country are not welcome on their platforms. Information warfare is being waged and it is not Russia winning the war. We are fighting for our right to have a voice in a world that believes free speech can be determined to be hate speech. I suspect the media knows that Nazis aren’t actually running rampant through the streets. They have willingly decided to take part in this war of ideas, with each inaccurate word written on a page.

Since writing this story I have learned that the Crowd Funding platform Freestartr has been deplatformed by the payment processing company Stripe. As of April, Maker Support reported they too had been de-platformed by Stripe in a string of tweets.

Free speech activists on both sides of the political isle have taken to twitter to defend Faith and express their disgust for those in their ivory towers that have chosen to selectively target a minority group not represented in their industry they deem to be unworthy of their service.

Some radicals on the Left took this opportunity to mock Faith, supposed Liberal ideologues that once were the bastions of free speech.

On July 18th, Faith tweeted a video titled “Nationalists are not allowed to make a living!?”

Author: Sean Campbell
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Sean Campbell is the former owner of Tru Conservative TV and Uncutch Media. He is a video journalist , editor, and filmmaker who lives in Phoenix, AZ.