Shlomi Busso, Victim of Wednesday’s Islamic Terror Attack

On the eve of Ramadan and just two days after the United Sates Embassy in Israel was officially moved to Jerusalem, an Islamic terrorist stabbed a Jewish convenient store owner.

Shlomi Busso is an Israeli Jew who owns “Shocoland”, a small store next to City Hall in Jerusalem. Busso exclusively told this reporter that a Muslim terrorist entered his shop Wednesday afternoon ready to attack him with a broken glass bottle and began to stab him in the neck and chest while screaming “Allahu Akbar”.

Busso sustained multiple injuries to his body and received dozens of stitches in his neck, the side of his head, and across his entire chest due to the lacerations he sustained.

Shlomi Busso sustained lacerations to his chest


Despite being the victim of a brutal act of Islamic terrorism, Busso returned to work hours later covered in bandages and stitches, further proving the resilience of the Israeli people. A group of men who were also inside the store told this reporter that the terrorist was a Muslim who kept shouting “Allahu Akbar”, the battle cry of jihadists.

Shlomi Busso was stabbed in the neck by a Muslim terrorist

Busso said he has never met the terrorist and that he doesn’t know why he chose his store as the location for the attack, but Busso is determined to not let Islamic terrorists stop him from living his life and carrying on with his workday.

Although the blood inside his store has been cleaned up, the bus stop across the street from his store next to City Hall is covered with bloody hand prints and drops of blood from the attacker who attempted to flee the scene of the attack.

Bloody bus station next to City Hall in Jerusalem where Muslim terrorist was arrested

City Hall in Jerusalem, across the street from the terrorist attack

Immediately following the terorrist attack, which occurred around noon on Wednesday, emergency responders and police officers on motorcycles and horseback rushed to the scene where they detained and arrested the Islamic terrorist.

The identity of the terrorist has not yet been released to the public, and the media has failed to report that this was an act of Islamic terrorism, referring to it as an “argument”. However, testimony from the victim and his friends inside his store, the scene of the attack, proves that the stabbing was not an argument, but instead an act of Jihad.

This is a developing story and will continue to be updated as more information is gathered.

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