A source within the Las Vegas FBI has informed this reporter that FBI Las Vegas Assistant Special Agent in Charge, Patrick “Rick” Brodsky will be retiring from the FBI at the end of April.

Brodsky has been working at the Las Vegas FBI Bureau for four years as an Assistant Special Agent under Aaron Rouse, the head of the FBI in Las Vegas.

Prior to working at the FBI in Las Vegas, Brodsky spent almost 19 years working as a Special Agent and Supervisory Special Agent for the FBI in Miami and Fort Lauderdale.

It is unknown why Brodsky is leaving his position at the FBI, but sources have informed this reporter that following the Las Vegas shooting October 1, 2017, internal politics at the FBI in Las Vegas are heated and there is a lot of tension between FBI Las Vegas employees who are unhappy with the performance and leadership of SAC Aaron Rouse and other FBI Las Vegas top brass.

Under Aaron Rouse, the FBI in Las Vegas had been overseeing and leading the Las Vegas shooting investigation, which has without question, been clouded with controversy and suspicion. Brodksy’s retirement comes in the middle of the Las Vegas shooting investigation, the most high profile federal investigation that the FBI in Las Vegas has ever been tasked with handling. Thus, the timing of Brodsky’s retirement is quite dubious considering that it is rather abnormal for an FBI Special Agent to quit at the peak of his career.

In comparison, it would be as if a major league baseball player were to quit in the middle of the World Series. It just doesn’t happen.

It is worth noting that Brodsky’s departure comes at a time when leaks regarding ISIS ties to the Las Vegas shooting are beginning to be leaked to the public. This reporter was first to report on the fact that several members of Congress were independently briefed on evidence that suggests three ISIS tied individuals crossed over through the US-Mexican border and participated in the Vegas shooting. On Thursday, True Pundit confirmed this reporter’s report, giving further credence to ISIS’s claim that they were responsible for the Las Vegas shooting. For those who have been closely monitoring the Vegas shooting investigation, it is quite clear that the writing is on the walls for the scandal plagued FBI.

Sources within the FBI have told this reporter that Brodsky, along with Rouse and other FBI higher ups knew about evidence that suggested there were multiple shooters and ISIS involvement in the Vegas shooting, but they chose to not act on the evidence and told investigators to stand down, which was reported on October 20th, 2017.

In December 2017, this reporter was first to report on Special Agent in Charge, Aaron Rouse’s attempts to get a promotion to a higher position in the FBI following the Las Vegas shooting. Although Rouse has made numerous attempts to secure a promotion, sources within the FBI tell this reporter he keeps getting denied due to his horrendous job handling the Las Vegas shooting investigation.

This is a developing story.